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Flights to La Rochelle May/June 2012

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Blueberry3 Wed 17-Aug-11 11:00:17

Just wondering if anyone has any idea when flights from Manchester to La Rochelle (with Flybe) might be available? They're currently available to March 12 but I am looking to get next June's holiday sorted asap. Planning on mobile home'ing it on the Ile de Re. No more Devon, Dorset, Cornwall. Hoping for a smidgeon of sunshine.

Lizcat Wed 17-Aug-11 16:05:20

Don't know about the flights, but just to warn you July this year it rained and was very windy quite a lot all down that coast including Ile de Re. Also top tip is to walk across the bridge or take the bus, taxi drivers really load up the bridge price.

broadsheetbabe Wed 17-Aug-11 21:07:19

We left the June sunshine here in Devon for two weeks of cloud and rain near La Rochelle. My advice? Come to sunny South Devon - I bet it's cheaper too!

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