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ok i am overwhelmed! please come tell me where to go on holiday next june!!

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frazzled74 Mon 15-Aug-11 21:50:04

I would like to book a villa/apartment/holiday park somewhere has to be family friendly, hot but not too hot, near beach, near a few shops/bars/restaurants, have a swimming pool, suitable for non drivers. Not too touristy and have a couple of good day trips/boat trips etc to do, a little bit of history and culture would be good too! Where have you been this year that ticks these boxes?

Portofino Tue 16-Aug-11 09:27:12

La carabasse with Siblu. Ticks all of those boxes.

makemineapinot Tue 16-Aug-11 19:22:32

here again ticks all those boxes! - see my MN review!

makemineapinot Tue 16-Aug-11 19:26:12

Portofino - is it really good? Just been on Siblu site again and reading all the reviews! Do I need a car - the onsite supermarket sounds really expensive!! Have been attracted by some of the other sites with Siblu but this does look the best for us!! tell me I'm making the right decision....please!

makemineapinot Tue 16-Aug-11 19:29:10

here is also good - a hily campsitea nd the beach is a shingly but the pool complex is fab - at the top of a hill but amazing views and a short walk into the lovely port area with yachts, restaurants, boats tips, shops and a market. there's a bus train which takes you round the resort (think tat shops) whch is the oppoiste side of the port and town from the campsite and round the town. Campsite restauarnt is excellent - no evening enetertainment as such but they put on dvds for the kids some evenings. A few restauarnts and bars in the same street as the campsite which is on the beach

Portofino Tue 16-Aug-11 19:30:04

There are 2 supermarkets in Vias Plage - easily with in walking distance. Plus a fab takeaway place that does things like Paella, Lasagne, Lamb Tagine etc to take home.

I really undecided as to just go back next year, or go somewhere different. Dd loved it.

SherlockHolmes Tue 16-Aug-11 19:32:26

Sardinia is lovely. We stayed in Alghero but the whole island looks gorgeous. Not too hot in June either.

makemineapinot Tue 16-Aug-11 20:13:02

ooh - I think I might just book it!! Hoping Flybe don't stop the flights from Glasgow to Beziers though as that would be a nightmare!! Why don't you book Portofelice then (you were thinking about it weren't you?!!) on my reccomendation and I'll book la carabasse on yours then this time next year we can either thank or scream at each other!! grin Any other tips?!

I'd love to go to Sardinia too but as a student this year I'm relying on my tesco vouchers so it's siblu or bust!
Sorry for thread hijack frazzled!

frazzled74 Tue 16-Aug-11 22:12:24

ooh lovely suggestions! i dont want to sound snobby but i need to check- they arent like haven/park resorts are they? I wouldnt mind but dh would hate it! is there space around the mobile home to sit and drink wine comfortably? Am off to check flights and prices etc!

Portofino Tue 16-Aug-11 22:22:48

frazzled, I'm posh don't you know! grin Book a terrace. At Siblu there is always lots of space. We booked an Excellence and got a washing machine, huge terrace and air conditioning.

To be honest, Vias is a cheap and cheerful place. I am a bit picky and it was fine. And you could always get a sunbed. We liked it very much that you could walk to restaurants, to the mini golf, to Luna Park. I have a 7 yo. She loved it. The pool area is fantasitic.

Hassled Tue 16-Aug-11 22:27:41

Amalfi Coast in Italy - Atrani is a good base; walkable to Amalfi. Pompeii an easy day trip. Not for the less mobile, though - everything is built on hills and there are a lot of steps. But it's beautiful.

frazzled74 Tue 16-Aug-11 22:30:25

great thanks, im not very posh at all but dh thinks he is, it looks great and good price too,

frazzled74 Tue 16-Aug-11 22:36:22

ok another question! siblu or canvas? any difference?

Portofino Tue 16-Aug-11 22:46:22

Siblu every time! I LIKE Canvas but....

Portofino Tue 16-Aug-11 22:50:29

We were with Canvas last year. It was lovely, but when you turn up, it's too early, then you get a harrassed bloke with a bicycle, Siblu - here are your keys, this is where you are, please come tell us if there are any problems....

frazzled74 Wed 17-Aug-11 10:13:09

anyone been to ca'savio ? looks great to me but would like to have a mumsnet opinion.thankyou

makemineapinot Wed 17-Aug-11 10:54:17

Ah but I had that problem with Siblu last year - Siblu Dave wouldn't let us in to the mobile even though it was clean and had been empty for 2 days!! he amde us wait till 3pm! then the first thing he did was tell us about how clean he wanted the mobile on day of deperature or I wouldn't get my deposit back!! never had that with canvas!!! I don't really care which operator I go with - had good and bad with both! And had the most disgusting ly dirty mobile once with Eurocamp!! Selectcamp are good too - can book them for portofelice and other European sites too.
With all these sites you get room to sit outside and drink wine! The canvas placements at portofelice were very sociable - 2 rows of vans facing each other so loads of room for kids to play and easy to chat to others when you were outside BBQing and wine drinking!! Eraclea mare isn't tacky - except whent eh tat market arrives every week!! It's where Italians go on hols and there is a bit of entertainment but not in your face.
My friends went to ca Savio a few years ago - they liked it. It's closer to venice than we were but in a much busier touristy area.

Mousesmummy Wed 17-Aug-11 23:53:56

We just got home past week from Ca S'avio - never again! The place is enormous so you have to be constantly watching the dc, the main route through the site was so busy at times you needed a zebra crossing!!
We went with Keycamp as have been previously with them and enjoyed it but would never return here! The main problem s the mosquitos!!! They are everywhere, my poor baby was bitten alive, about 20 bites on his face alone! I had read on Tripadvisor about the bugs so had taken all he Deet 100% stuff, plug ins, even nets for over the children's beds! But it made little difference as come 5/6 pm they are out! You either have the choice of staying in your caravan (which is like an oven as no air con) or going out and being eaten! Horrid situation! The pools are brilliant, I have to say but we like to sit and enjoy a drink in he evening when the dc are in bed but we just couldn't as you would just be eaten! They spray the whole site every Thursday with little effect though. It is near to Venice sort of but very expensive, it cost for 2 adults and 2dc €109 return! The town is small with only 3 restaurants to choose from all serving the same pizza/pasta.
I sound really down on it eh? But from the website it looks so great but it really is not! There are much much better sites out there without the mosquito infestation!! Don't waste your money! Oh and the entertainment is dire (sorry, I will shut up now!)

makemineapinot Sun 21-Aug-11 21:45:10

OK, am not going to la carabasse now - flights were a nightmare! have now booked here which looks fab!! Trip advisor reviews are all fantastic excpet for a some niggles about the food but there are places to go nearby smile. Thought it might be another one for you to consider frazzled !

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