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Paphos, Cyprus - anyone been lately?

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Mins Fri 12-Aug-11 22:05:07

Hi mumsnetters - We are off to Paphos next Wed staying at Kefalos Beach Village. It's my b/day on that day and we'd like to have a nice meal that evening. Anyone got any recommendations? We are vege and have a v fussy 9 yr old just to complicate matters. Any other useful info about local area also much appreciated! smile

ShangriLaLaLa Sun 14-Aug-11 21:43:43

Hi Mins

Hope you are still around and will get this before you set off. I got back from Paphos at 3.30 this morning (so please excuse typos). I already feel the chill in my bones after a fortnight of glorious, uninterrupted sun. You are very lucky!

If i was going back and had a celebration planned, I would head to Notios at the Almyra on Poseidonis Ave. This was our hotel and although I had a few issues with it for accommodation, I couldn't fault Notios. It's the beachfront restaurant. Stunning sunset views of Paphos Castle and harbourfront. If you go, make sure you reserve a seafront table and get there before dusk. It is quite pricey but the food is cooked so beautifully. There is a set menu, which we didn't venture far from. It was exquisite and we never had a bad meal. As vegetarians, the set menu was quite meat/fish focussed, so you'd probably need to go a la carte. The chef amended a number of his dishes for a family we knew who had a son who was quite challenging in his dietary requirements. There is a children's menu (and a baby menu) and my 9 year old ate the set menu at nights and was also happy with the children's lunches. The puddings are a work of art!

If you want something a bit more traditionally Cypriot, then I suggest the Happy Island, opposite the Almyra. It is a family run restaurant a bit of a dying breed in Paphos. Lots of traditional dishes of great quality, served in a lovely, warm way. Unlike a lot of restaurants in Paphos, it is not a rip-off and you will get value for money, in convivial surroundings. Can't vouch for the vegetarian side of things, but I know they do a good meze. Ignore what it looks like from the outside - we walked by many, many times until a friend of my daughter recommended it. I'd say the same for the Windmill - The Anemomilos - just off Bar Street. Typical local restaurant with the best meze. We ate there during my honeymoon (eons ago) and my husband was vegetarian at the time and I'm sure I recall it was fine for him.

For lunches, the Pinguino cafe and the waterfront cafe where you can dive into the sea from (opposite Pizza Hut - don't know its name as it was in Greek script.) The staff were brilliant with my very hot and grouchy toddler on many an occasion and it's a fantastic setting with reasonably priced salads etc.

Have a brilliant time. Room in your suitcase?

Mins Mon 15-Aug-11 23:41:55

Shangrilalala thank you so much for this. We are leaving early Wed morn so last minute packing. Your info is so useful. Is actually my birthday on the day we travel so thinking maybe we will do the celeb meal on a later day to give us time to find our feet etc but will def consider the Notios - sounds lovely! Can't wait!!smile

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