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Day trip to Tangier from Spain, anyone?

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MrsCornish Mon 08-Aug-11 09:41:23

Has anyone done the day trip from Tarifa to Tangier? We're going to be in Andalucia, with 7 and 11 yo, and they'd love to go to 'Africa' but has anyone done this trip? I reckon it might be quite grim - as in, touristy, hawkers, not pretty bit of morrocco, and as i can get a bit anxious when out of my comfort zone, i'm not sure whether to risk it. any experience?

cubscout Mon 08-Aug-11 18:19:11

Yes, we have done this - it was quite fun. To get the best deals though you need to book a 'tour' at the travel agent, costs little more than the ferry tickets anyway and includes lunch. We were met by a guide who gave us a quick drive around, walk around the bazaar and (as per usual I suspect) we were ferried into a few shops. However, it was all quite low key and travelling as a family was quite different to when I went as a single woman many moons ago (would not care to repeat that!). Most of the travel agents in Tarifa will organise this for you.

MrsCornish Tue 09-Aug-11 13:24:07

Thanks - that's helpful. I think i've concluded that, as we are staying a long drive away from Tarifa, it would be a ridiculously ambitious day trip anyway... so i'm hanging onto your use of the word 'quite' to tell myself that we won't be missing much!

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