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EuroDisney around Xmas time - anyone been?

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fraggle73 Tue 02-Aug-11 22:16:37

Was looking at going around xmas time to Euro Disney with a 3 year old and 1 year old. Not sure whether to book hotels within park or something outside the park?

Sandgroper Mon 15-Aug-11 08:15:47


We took our two DS (were 4 and 2 at the time), 10-14 Dec two years ago. Was DS1 birthday present from my Mum.

We stayed at the Disney Hotel (as Mum was paying for it), had a family room and an adjoining room (for Mum) on the ground floor. Mum chose this hotel (she has impared vision) as she wanted to be able to go back and rest during the day without a long walk, also brought DS2 back for sleeps so we could go on with DS1, was also right next to the entrance.

It cost about £2000 for about 4 days, we got a deal with meals breakfast and some dinners included. It was great from the point of view it was close to the gate and also they had Disney characters wandering around the hotel quite a bit, so lots of photo ops with kids (didn't have to fight the crowds in the park). They also had a nice small indoor pool to burn off excess energy or just chill out.

To be honest I would have waited until kids were a bit older, not as much for 2 year old to do - you can only go into "It's a Small World" so many times. Still have that tune in my head. But as my Mum paid for us all we went and did have a fab time.

Also it was sooo cold, you need to rug up. It snowed whilst we were there and was quite magical. We took the kids snow suits to keep them warm.

Can recommend the "Wild West Buffalo Bill" show and also "Meet the Characters at the Mickey Cafe" for lunch". We booked all of this before we went. These are located outside the main park bit where most of the cafes are.

Hope this helps.

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