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Turin with Children

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fedupwithdeployment Sat 30-Jul-11 23:00:12

For various reasons, towards the end of August, I will be spending a night or 2 in Turin wth DH and 2 x DS (4 and 6). I want to stay somewhere central, but with a family room (boys could easily sleep on a camp bed).

Has anyone go any suggestions? I have done a bit of searching, and the All Seaons Porto Nuevo seems ok....but I would love a characterful place in the centre.

Also- what is a must do, bearing in mind ages of the children. Has anyone been to the car museum?

Thnks in advance.

sunflowerandcress Sun 07-Aug-11 17:17:07

I love Turin. But it is a city and the Torinese do not approach child facilities as we do. There aren't loads of child friendly things to do per se.

So, what to do with kids?

There's a castle in central town - which may be open.

There are great outdoor pools/lido - one down by the river.

You could go to Venaria on the tram which once equalled Versaille - it has a lovely park and of course the palace which is much restored.

I haven't been to the car museum for years so can't say. But there is also an Egyptian museum right in the centre - but it does contain mummies!

Re Hotels - I think I prefer the ones just behind Via Roma (nearer Piazza Castello) that Porta Nova which remains seedy after dark (though only 5 mins from Via Roma). I've stayed Principi di Piemonte and Sitea (but they are 4/5 star).

After dark it is great to promenade along Via Roma and down Via Po to the river with one the fab gelati/ice creams on offer every two paces.

If you have a car and Dh has a spare day then take a drive to the wine area of Asti (looks just like Tuscany) or out to hills near Ivrea (Val de Cogne) which is like Austria. Just beautfil.

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