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Any smaller tour operators you'd recommend?

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Yr1Mum Wed 27-Jul-11 13:55:33

We are going on our first holiday abroad as a family next May/June (Yippee!!!) and I'm trying to get something booked now to get a free child place or other early booking offer.

My issue is, I don't fancy a huge hotel with 200 odd rooms even though they have amazing facilities for children which I'm finding when I look at Thomson, Thomas Cook etc. I also have limited time to do the research to put an indpependent package together myself which is what I would have done pre DC. I have found some great hotels but with flights for 2012 not published till the Autumn at the earliest, I can't work out total cost yet and I'd really like to get something booked so we can all look forward to it (even if we are a bit ahead of ourselves).

So, my question is does anyone have any experience of any smaller tour operators who have smaller hotels, say 50 ish beds, with child-friendly facilities and decent food. Would be happy with any Balearics or any Greece - although not in a massive resort. We're looking to pay up to £600 a head - ie up to £3000 in total after any discounts.

There will be 5 of us, me, DH, DM, DD (age 4 with SN) and DS age 7.

Many thanks if you can help.

JelliBelli Sat 06-Aug-11 13:33:17

I'm not sure whether this would interest you but thought I'd show it to you anyway.

We haven't been to this place but have travelled (to France) with the company before and they were super helpful. We had a dedicated member of staff dealing with our booking and we were not 'just another booking'. The holiday doesn't seem to be available in May/June but it may well be worth ringing the company to see if they can help - if you are interested.

scaryfairy28 Sat 06-Aug-11 22:39:23

Neilson everytime, not sure about there free child places dates for next year yet though.

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