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Want to know about your great 4* beach hotel in Greece/Turkey with small children!

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onthemoveyetagain Sun 24-Jul-11 10:38:35


I have got the go ahead to book a holiday for us in September or October : )). We have four small children - 7 months, 2, 4 and 6. We want a nice big hotel on the beach - 4 or 5 *. I seem to be homing in on Greece or Turkey but am open to ideas.

I always get stressed out looking for last minute holidays - which is ridiculous as I know it is nice problem to have. So this year I thought I would try and get you wonderful people to help me. Any thoughts on wonderful hotels for me to take a peep at?

Really appreciate any thoughts and your time writing on here. Thank you!!!

Ladymuck Tue 26-Jul-11 22:57:52

Are you looking for childcare at all? Mark warner or Neilson?

Greenshadow Tue 26-Jul-11 23:13:30

We stayed here near Side in Turkey last year.
Lovely hotel, right on wonderful sandy beach.
Our children are a bit older, but no reason why it wouldn't suit little ones.

onthemoveyetagain Wed 27-Jul-11 08:53:12

Thank you! Never used child care but hey, who knows. Could do with an hour off with four children under six!! Thanks greenshadow, the Royal Dragon looks lovely!!

onthemoveyetagain Wed 27-Jul-11 19:55:03

Mmm - the hotel looks absolutely stunning. But I am put off by the many posts that say there are no English but just all Germans and all the entertainment and staff speak German, very little English. Looks a lovely hotel though - can see why you enjoyed it. Think Lykia World is still at the front. Thanks for your post though - appreciate your time smile

HoneyDuke Wed 27-Jul-11 20:01:01


Shodan Wed 27-Jul-11 20:09:54

I came on to recommend Lykia World but see you've already thought of it! It was a great holiday, especially for our (then) 13 year old and nine month old. Wonderful food too grin

Greenshadow Wed 27-Jul-11 22:57:27

I can assure you that there are plenty of Brits at the Royal Dragon, although also plenty of other nationalities. The evening entertainment is primarily in English. Never had a problem with the language, although didn't use childcare so can't guarantee they speak English.
Would love to try Lykia World ourselves though.

onthemoveyetagain Wed 27-Jul-11 23:38:04

Oh no, I have remembered how rubbish I am at choosing holidays!! I had pretty much decided to book Lykia World. So what do I do, spend the whole night reading up negative reviews about shabby rooms desperately needing a birthday and daily mail cuttings about sickness shutting the hotel down. Ho book or not is the question....she goes off to look at Sani Beach club, Seven Seas hotel and Belekic in Oludenis (or whatever it is). Me and holidays just don't get on - it brings out my negative psyche confused

hollyround Thu 28-Jul-11 17:43:57

We stayed at Club Med Beldi in Turkey, lots of English but also lots of French etc too. We went with our 4 and 7 year old and had an amazing time, would definatlely go back. The beach is pebbly by the sea edge but lots of sand for building sand castles and a lovely undercover area with buckets and spades provided! Food was fantastic as was the child care and all the sports facilities.

copycat Fri 29-Jul-11 07:10:07

We have been to Turkey many times, including twice to Lykia World in Olu Deniz. I would also recommend the Royal Dragon and it's two sister hotels the Royal Wings and Royal Holiday Palace along with the very popular Voyage Belek and also the Gloria Golf resort. The new Sherwood Dreams hotel looks nice too and might be cheaper as it is 4*. Probably the best water park for your little ones is at the Gural Premier in Tekirova but the transfer is long and there aren't many English there. There is also a Lykia World in Antalya which you may wish to consider. If your budget allows you could also look at the new Maxx Royale hotel - wow!!

RickGhastley Fri 29-Jul-11 07:12:34

Friends of mine have recommended the Sani Beach many times. Great for kids.

zeus123 Fri 29-Jul-11 07:27:23

Watching with interest. Nothing to add. Never been to Turkey or Greece

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