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French maternity hospitals - pregnancy issues - any ideas?!

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emsies Wed 20-Jul-11 21:12:08


I'm going to France for a week with my husband and 2 year old and a friend and her son. Luckily for me she speaks French reasonably well. However I have recently found out i have a low-lying placenta. I will be 28 weeks when I travel. I suspect chances of problems are low but I have been told that if there is bleeding I have to go straight to a hospital.

I've worked out the nearest hospital is in Bernay, Normandy, but what would I do? Do I just turn up and hope for the best? I have absolutely no idea how hospitals work abroad.

SHould I have "low lying placenta" translated? I'll take my maternity notes but they will obviously all be in english...

Anyone want to reassure me?

frenchfancy Thu 21-Jul-11 06:46:51

Take your notes with you. Go to Urgences. Make sure you have your European health card with you.

Placenta in French is Placenta. I'm not sure what the exact term for low lying is, but "Placenta en bas" would probably do the trick (don't pronounce the s in bas).

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