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Jet2 Buggy & Car Seat - Baggage fees

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littlen16 Wed 20-Jul-11 13:46:49

Has anyone taken a buggy and car seat on a Jet2, and been charged excess baggage ?

One of their FAQs suggest that the combined weight of both must be 10Kg or excess baggage will apply.

Collapsible pushchairs/buggies or children's car seats up to a total maximum weight of 10kg (for both items) do not form part of the baggage allowance and may be carried free of charge on a limited release basis as checked luggage. If the combined weight is more than 10kgs excess baggage charges will apply. There must be an infant or child on the booking."

Although another FAQ suggests that buggy is free and additional item up to 10kg can be carried

I dont want to end up paying £12 a kg excess when i turn up at the airport !


downpipe Wed 20-Jul-11 14:49:07

Just been on jet2 with a double buggy, they just labelled it and did not weigh it.You get it labelled at the check in desk so they would very mean to make you take the baby out and put it on the scales with the car seat.You can keep in until you board and leave it at the bottom of the steps, it reappears on the luggage belt at the other end.
Some airports make you take baby out and fold it up to go through security, others let you push it through with the baby in.
In fact no airline I 've been on has ever weighed the buggy or car seat, been on easy jet, jet2,and Thomson with buggies.
Hope that helps!

Atomant Mon 25-Jul-11 21:24:39

We flew with them last September took buggy & car seat no extra charge, no hassles at all, very good experience with them. Wish their website was better as it's they've gone all budget hidden costs this year which is really annoying.

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