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Berny-Riviere October

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cheerup Mon 18-Jul-11 11:31:49

I've just booked a cheap 4 day break at Berny-Riviere on 7 October. I wanted to go to Centre Parcs originally but not prepared to pay £399 for a bottom of the range lodge. We're Eurocamping in August too so with a second holiday discount and Reward vouchers for the Eurotunnel it's a much cheaper alternative.

Who's been? What's it like? In October? We've booked for 7 Oct but considering changing to during the half term as email from DD1s school this am re not taking them out during term time. It is only 3 days but still feeling a bit [hhmm]. Will cost a bit more and could be (alot) busier?? WDYT?

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