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Gibralter ... Anyone been ?

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Tillyboo Sun 17-Jul-11 23:55:53

Is it a suitable holiday destination for a family holiday of 4 adults, 3 kids & a baby ?
Any recommendations please ?

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Mon 18-Jul-11 00:01:21

No way. It's passable to go to for the day but I would absolutely say do not go for a holiday. If you want to come to Southern Spain/tip of Europe there are way better places to stay. I live 40 minutes from Gibraltar and go there for two things - cheap diesel and a twice monthly food shop in Morrisons. PM me and I can give you some serious ideas for places down here if you can give me an idea of your budget. If you're in Gib and want to come into Spain you could queue anything up to 2 hours to get in and out (in a car), La Linea, the first immediate Spanish town is dire. And I mean DIRE. Sorry to boo this, but I can certainly help if you want to come over the border into Spain. By all means fly into Gib if you see cheapy flights, but I'd head round the coast anytime and go there for a day trip if you must

breadcrumbs Tue 19-Jul-11 14:16:24

Agree with Rock. We did it as a day trip on our holiday near Cadiz, but only cos DH hadnt been there and the DSs wanted to see the monkeys. It's lovely if youre a chav on a coach tour wanting cheap fags and an all-day fry-up washed down with Carling but for normal people its a bit disappointing grin

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Tue 19-Jul-11 18:58:31

breadcrumbs you just made me splurt my tea out! Just about sums it up! But don't forget the sandwiches in mothers' pride bags and football shirts for all the family....grin

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