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Oh balls, have I left it too late (again)?

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TheMouseLookedGood Fri 15-Jul-11 22:39:37

Trying to plan holiday for 2nd and/or 3rd week of Sept for me, DH, DS (will be 2.8) and DD (9 months). Due to recent house move, DH working away loads and general faffing, have only just started to look...

Would like a child friendly villa somewhere close'ish (Spain, France, Italy, etc), must have pool, be good to be near beach (but not essential), small town, option of someone else cooking for us at some point. Don't need a kids' club but DS quite sociable so would like there to be other children there and some kind of basic play facilities (his current interests are trampolines and talking to dogs). DD's hobbies are yoghurt and clapping so she should be easy to entertain.

Does something like this exist? Would anyone be kind enough to share their favourite places to stay with me? Please? smile

Have looked at the review bit on MN and emailed a few but responses so far are fully booked and brain is starting to boggle.

frenchfancy Sat 16-Jul-11 07:09:25


They definately have trampolines, but I'm not sure if their dog can talk! I think they do meals too.

September is still normally lovely weather in France (often better than August) but if you want a pool make sure it is a heated one.

Oneofthemaddingcrowd Sat 16-Jul-11 08:04:48

Can really recommend We went last year, absolutely loved it and were sorely tempted to go back but fancy trying a different area this year. Lots of glowing reviews on Trip Advisor for it too.

Also have you tried babyfriendly Boltholes?

TheMouseLookedGood Sat 16-Jul-11 10:54:44

Thanks frenchfancy and Oneofthemaddingcrowd. DH now briefly back - away again tomorrow though so we MUST book today <pressure!>.

Like the look of the ones you both recommended but DH now worried about weather for swimming and thinks we should look a bit further afield to guarantee a bit of sun, so Greece and the like? I've never been (apart from a holiday with my best friend when we were 17 so not really suitable to replicate!).

He's also talking about Mark Warner/Neilson type holidays, which don't really fit in with my romantic vision of family holiday in lovely rural villa, but I'm open to anything at this stage.

So any thoughts on that type of holiday - or suggestions of child friendly villas somewhere Greek-y or a bit hotter in September.

(Am being v organised and bookmarking things into special 'Holiday Folder' to avoid future panic, so all suggestions very welcome).

TheMouseLookedGood Sat 16-Jul-11 21:27:16

Anyone?? <slightly begging tone>

DH leaving at 11 tomorrow morning so need to have made a decision by then!

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