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I am officially a bit slow - time to succumb to family friendly holidays. NICE apartment + fun things for an 18 mth old to do

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ItsAMiracleIEverLeaveTheHouse Fri 08-Jul-11 22:06:35


Took me a while to realise that baby had turned into a toddler and unfortunately I booked our summer holiday in this time of ignorance and general stupidity.

Ended up in an incredibly beautiful villa in the South of France, spending the entire time trying to keep a very boisterous 16 month old from launching herself into the pool, down the steps, and generally from plunging to her death.

Came back far more knackered than I was at the start.

So lets start again.

Quite fancy going away again in September but doing it properly this time. So I think the wish list is:

Nice apartment
walking distance to beach and little town/resort
toddler friendly pool
playground or something nearby
2 hrs flight time if possible

Does it exist?

All help massively appreciated!

frenchfancy Sat 09-Jul-11 14:35:30

Not walking distance to a resort, but very child friendly: There is a mum's net review on it somewhere.

The most important thing to check when looking at accommodation is that the pool is fenced with a locking gate. Many pools in France have an alarm rather than a fence, which is worse than useless for a toddler.

ItsAMiracleIEverLeaveTheHouse Mon 11-Jul-11 20:48:53

thanks! will have a look

(and completely agree re alarmed pools...)

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