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Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome) with kids

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acatcalledbob Fri 08-Jul-11 01:49:06

We've booked a week this August in Tuscany (near Florence) then three days in Venice, three in Rome with DDs aged nearly 3 and nearly 7...

We know it's going to be super hot and very crowded but were wondering if anyone had any recommendations of things to do / see / places to eat etc with kids.

crispyseaweed Fri 08-Jul-11 19:11:35

The island of Burano just off Venice main island is very colourful, a bit like Balamory, so the kids might enjoy that.
If the children like the beach then take them to the Lido in Venice....20 minute boat ride away from the centre. All places to eat in Venice are so warm and welcome kids.... just ensure its a shady place out of the sun...Venice is so so so hot in August. We are going on 17th July with DS, 10 yrs and know its going to be hot..... DPs' apartment is on the island of Guidecca. If you ever want to stay there its a lovely flat. 2nd floor with 2 large double bedrooms, balcony and spacious lounge, and great views of Venice.
Have a lovely holiday!

Ponders Fri 08-Jul-11 19:14:57

there are some beautiful beaches on the Tuscany coast, S of Pisa smile

acatcalledbob Sat 09-Jul-11 09:15:27

Thank you - we live in 33C heat and 90% humidity so the heat's not so much of a problem. We might check out the beaches (although we live near great beaches in Asia). Thank you too crispy for the every kind offer but hotel is already booked and friends are joining us there - it sounds gorgeous though.

jassinkernow Tue 19-Jul-11 07:33:07

We found ourselves spending a bit of time near Florence when our car broke down a couple of months ago (swings and roundabouts...). Our kids coped badly with the heat (though sounds like you'll be OK), but they managed the crowds and were much more interested in the art than I would've expected (they're 4 and 2). Didn't find anywhere good to eat in Florence - but would recommend doing some background research, we ended up trailing miserably around trying to find somewhere to take the 6 of us.
Outings - our kids enjoyed the cable car at Montacatimi Terme and there's a funfair type thing in the town at the bottom which comes recommended though we didn't go. We were initially based in Lucca - about 1hr away on the train - and our kids loved the train journey between the two and Lucca itself is lovely, with loads of parks and city walls you can walk/cycle/scoot around.
One general point about Italy, which caused ructions in our family(!) - it's quite hard to find restaurants which serve pasta AND pizza. The pizzerias tend to be one (very good) trick ponies, which is a problem if 2 kids love pizza and one loves pasta!
Hope you have a good trip

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