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Swimming lakes in Charente - experiences and recommendations please!

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TooTiredToArgue Thu 07-Jul-11 09:22:11

I have started the countdown to our summer holiday - 6 weeks and counting. The first week we are staying inland in the Charente, between Ruffec and Confolens and are planning to visit some swimming lakes rather than travelling a vast distance to the coast. Roumazieres has been mentioned in the gite literature, as have the Haute Charente lakes.

Has anyone had experience of these/can recommend any? I asked a friend from DS's school yesterday and she said she had found them rather 'chavvy' shock! She also reminded me that making sandcastles wasn't an option (hadn't thought about that) - will I be OK to spend a whole day there? My DC are 7 and 3.

Many thanks, in advance.

cottonbutt Sun 10-Jul-11 10:30:07

I would recommend swimming in the Charente river itself - there is a lovely picnic area Aire de Rejallant outside Ruffec good for paddling and swimming, and you can hire canoes to paddle downstream and get transported back again. It has plenty of shaded and sunny areas and a basic snack bar on site.

As for lakes I don't have any recommendations, but it is the fun of discovering these for yourself that helps make a great holiday too. Am a bit hmm at your friends comment as I found it anything but, but each to their own.. In that area we also loved the donkey and mule centre, with their rasta dreadlocks, the young were sooo cute.

Ruthiebabes Mon 11-Jul-11 11:52:45

Having holidayed for 2 weeks in Charente Maritime last summer I would be very surprised if the lakes in Charente were chavvy... i would say anything but!!

TooTiredToArgue Mon 11-Jul-11 13:52:48

Thanks cottonbutt and ruthiebabes.

Nicky1234 Fri 29-Jul-11 20:22:42

I'm not really sure where Ruffec but if you are looking for swimming lakes I woudl highly recommend Grand Etang de Le Jemaye. It has a couple of restaurants/snack bars, man made beach, play areas, canoes/kayaks and plenty of walking opportunity. It's lovely.

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