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Hull to Rotterdam Ferry

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notyummy Sun 03-Jul-11 20:08:43

We are booked to travel overnight on this ferry with 5 year old dd in August. We have a cabin. Are their any top tips/things to avoid that anyone who has used this service could recommend?


notyummy Sun 03-Jul-11 22:11:51


pinkmagic1 Sun 03-Jul-11 22:24:43

We did a mini cruise to Amsterdam without the kids on a rare child free few days last year but both thought the kids would have enjoyed the ferry very much and may use the service to visit relatives in Holland in the future with them.
I would recomend spending just a few pounds extra and booking an outside cabin rather than an inside. The inside cabins looked quite claustrophobic and had bunk beds rather than 2 singles. I would also avoid eating on the ship as this was quite expensive. it dosn't sail until about 9pm so you will have plenty of time to get something in Hull before you board. We took some crossaints and pastrys for the morning and took them up on deck and watched the ferry coming into Rotterdam.
There is a small childrens entertainment place with a ball pool and place where they can do colouring, watch telly etc. There is also a cinema which was quite reasonably priced showing a couple of family films which would pass a couple of hours.

notyummy Mon 04-Jul-11 09:59:26

Thanks Pink - we have an outside cabin as we thought she would love to look out the window!

Anyone else....?

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