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Would you or have you take/taken your children to Egypt ?

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MorningCoffee Fri 24-Jun-11 17:12:21

Would you take your children to Egypt? or have you been and is it ok for children?

My family keep saying i am silly to be even thinking about going to a place "like this" because it's unreliable and could be dangerous??

So have you been? is it nice/horrible and would you go again or would you go if you could?

MorningCoffee Fri 24-Jun-11 17:44:31


WisteriaWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 21:17:00

Yes, Egypt is v nice. We went on a Mark Warner holiday to Egypt for our honeymoon taking our 3.5 year old. It was lovely. People are friendly and my daughter was spoilt rotten by everyone. It's a great place for a bargain these days but sweltering in the summer. (I assume)

MorningCoffee Fri 24-Jun-11 21:36:17

Thank you Wisteria, where did you go?

WisteriaWoman Fri 24-Jun-11 21:45:13

Hmmm - can't quite remember the name of the town. We flew to Sharm el SHeik and then were transported to our resort about an hour away. It was called Dohar (???) wind surfing centre!
Feel v embarrassed I can't remember the name of the town... blush

Nefret Sat 25-Jun-11 19:51:50

I would definitely take my children to Egypt. We are just waiting until they are a little older so they can apprecaite it more and then we are going to do a cruise on the Nile.

Why do people alwasy say it is dangerous? Do they think Egyptian people will steal your children away or something????

I have been twice and I loved it.

Don't take any notice of people who make such comments, I bet they have never even been there.

MorningCoffee Wed 29-Jun-11 12:52:06

Thank you Nefret, i don't know why it's my Aunt she seems to want to tell us all the bad stuff about how we will get ill, people pestering us & to watch the kids etc etc.

We are going we have decided smile just looking for the best place to stay now, we have been looking at the holiday village in Sharm, has anyone been or anyone know anywhere which is fab to stay?

We are sooo excitied, have not booked yet as we were going to try to book bit later on as prices are quite high right now, we want to go mid/end of sept.

MorningCoffee Wed 29-Jun-11 17:48:08

Anyone who has been to egypt any tips? where did you stay? has anyone been to the holiday village in Sharm? we have now made our descision on egypt and the holiday village looking like the place (we think)

IloveDMs Wed 29-Jun-11 22:09:31

We are going next Easter with our two who will be 11 and 8. I don't know what your budget is or how old your children are but we are going to the Sensatori in Sharm which is a Thomson hotel. We went to the one in Crete and it was lovely. Very child friendly, good food and a fab spa!

VivaLeBeaver Wed 29-Jun-11 22:16:30

Sharm is very safe. I went at the end of last year and stayed in Aqua Blu hotel in Sharm. Its not going to get itself involved in any of the unrest as every Egyptian there works in the tourist trade and they're not going to want to scare the tourists.

Personally I'm not sure I'd go back. I went on my own with DD and didn't like being pestered by the Egyptian men 24/7. Weather was lovely, hotel was nice, fab waterpark. Only left the hotel twice - once to the beach and once to go quad biking. I'd have liked to have done more but didn't have the confidence on my own. I'm sure I'd have been fine. You just need to be able to keep saying "no" while walking on but it was hassle. Easier to sit by the pool. grin

Oh and dd got the shits big time. The day before we were leaving. I was worried she was going to have the shits on the plane all the way home as she lost all control and it was liquid. A lot of people in the hotel had it though thankfully it only lasted 24 hours. We'd been really careful with the food, only drank bottled water, didn't have salad, etc, took preventative tablets but she was still poorly.

mo3d Wed 29-Jun-11 22:25:25

We went a few years ago with our 3 dds. Had a lovely time. I would recommend you stay in a hotel next to a beach. The hotels next to the beaches own that part of the beach so it doesnt leave much beach left if your hotel isnt next to the beach. IYKWIM! confused

Everyone was very friendly. We had a bus service that took us to town in the evening. We were offered camels for our eldest dd!

Have fun!

mo3d Wed 29-Jun-11 22:25:55

We went to Sharm btw

sam2cats Thu 30-Jun-11 09:17:50

Hi I went to the holiday village sharm a few years ago with my just one year old. It is very geared up for families and has a little kiddies disco which my little one loved then. We went after Christmas so not super hot for us and the pools were a bit cold, but during the summer months this would probably not be a problem and from what I hear it is incredibly hot. There was a little playground on site which wasn't great but across the road in a shopping complex with Starbucks and general grocery stores and with clothes etc there was a play area which was much better for dd's age at the time. We had a family room with a separate room with bunk beds. Since then we have been back this time to the four seasons which was a completely different experience. The food was lovely and the service just impeccable. Watch out for bad tummy at the holiday village, DD escaped as she was mostly on milk still but I had it quite badly as did quite a lot of our fellow holiday makers. I was fine at the four seasons. The beach at the holiday village was good with lots of room for the dc's to play. Hope that helps!

wonkylegs Thu 30-Jun-11 12:49:17

Like anywhere depends where in egypt you're planning on going and when?
If you are going to a red sea resort - you probably won't have a problem and it's very much like going anywhere else
If you are going on a holiday that takes in more travelling or the cities, Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria might be more if an issue.
Personally my issue wouldn't be the political problems they are currently having as most of these are confined to areas that you probably wouldn't be visiting
I travelled through egypt on an architectural tour when I was doing a project in Alexandria; valley of kings = v.v.v hot (IMO too hot for toddler), pyramids = great except camels v stinky and hawkers unbearable, Cairo = fascinating but very sad some if the poverty coexisting with humongous wealth, Luxor = bit touristy and in the evening got abuse shouted at us
Everywhere but Alexandria , got far too many men who didn't understand personal space and felt it was fine to spontaneously stroke my hair or face
It is a fascinating country but I'd think carefully where I'd go with my family

SixtyFootDoll Thu 30-Jun-11 12:59:41

We went to jungle aqua park in Hurghada in January. The hotel was fantastic, immaculately clean and the staff were so friendly.
The resort itself was very scary, ode outside the complex, just non stop pestering, my youngest son, with his blond hair was terrified.
We did a day trip to Luxor which was amazing, but again, lots and lots of hassle.

Runoutofideas Thu 07-Jul-11 22:07:06

We went to the tropicana grand azure which is next to the holiday village. They had great family rooms, very spacious with 2 proper bedrooms in one suite. It is all very hotel based though. There is not much locally to get out and see, but having said that the hotel was very good.

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