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Princess Yaiza, Lanzarote - suitable for age 10 and 6?

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mckenzie Wed 22-Jun-11 21:21:22

DH thinks, from looking at the website, that it's more geared for younger children. I know a few mumsnetters are regular visitors so any comments on that please?


mckenzie Wed 22-Jun-11 22:05:32

quick bump before I head off to bed...

mckenzie Fri 24-Jun-11 20:57:22

try again

mckenzie Mon 27-Jun-11 20:21:44

bump again

mckenzie Tue 28-Jun-11 20:35:22

last try

bananafrosting Tue 28-Jun-11 20:44:26

Yes absolutely - old enough to be in the annex which has great family suites (2 bed, 2 bath, sitting room, microwave). Kids discos, football at 5pm every day, plenty going on, shows every night etc. We went a few years ago when ours were 8 and 4, and a little older than that would have been perfect. Little supermarket next door that 8 yo was happy to go to on his own for sweets and a newspaper for us, ideal. Have fun!

mckenzie Tue 28-Jun-11 20:52:15

thank you, thank you. I nearly booked today but thought I'd hold off and try on here one more time as none of the reviews i have read elsewhere on the internet have mentioned children of the right ages. I'm pleased I waited and shall make it my first job tomorrow smile

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