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Help me find luxury holiday for me, DS (3), aunt (70s)

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PrancingBuffalo Wed 22-Jun-11 12:12:49

I'd love to hear any recommendations - my lovely aunt has offered to take me and DS on holiday. We're looking at leaving sometime in the first two weeks of October. Requirements are - good childcare for DS; spa for us; a 2 bedroom suite or connecting rooms; direct flight from regional airport (North East). Ideally we'd also like a nice sandy beach; close to restaurants, shops, etc so we wouldn't have to stay in a resort all the time, but I don't want to hire a car; not a huge resort. My aunt is in ok health, but couldn't manage lots of steps for example.

So far I've looked at the Abama in Tenerife, but that looks fairly isolated, the Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote, but the 2 bed suites are away from the main hotel and this seems to be a downside; Roca Nivaria in Tenerife, but no 2 bed suites. Has anyone stayed in these, or have recommendations for us?


sailorsgal Wed 22-Jun-11 12:55:40

I looked earlier in the year at the Anthelia on Tenerife. It came highly recommended on here and by someone who lives on Tenerife.

We are probably going next year to the Sani Beach club in Greece which is also sopposed to be lovely.

Friends have just come back from Martinhal on the Algarve and said it was fab.

PrancingBuffalo Wed 22-Jun-11 19:33:08

Thanks sailorsgirl, I'll check those out - and a bump for any other suggestions!

bacon Fri 24-Jun-11 15:48:20

Because you are looking at October, I have read through other threads that greece is out and really the canaries are your only hope of good weather. Mainland spain may be ok but a bit risky. Algave also a bit doggy.

We did the Anthelia Tenerife in November a couple of years ago. There is a spa there but very pricey and I didnt use it. It was hot. There isnt many nice restaurants to walk around in the area you must go up towards Duque beach. The hotel was stunning and there are a couple of top class hotels in this area. You could look at Bhina de duque (sorry spelling) always comes out tops on all the reviews - again like the anthelia it has interconnecting rooms. Fantastic food.

Great location as its not far from the airport and you can fly regional (out of season for some airports), close also to hospital - great for children.

As for childcare, because baby is under 4 you may have to pay premuim price, some hotels will only do 1 to 1. There is a lady called "Lisa2" runs tenerife childcare - she runs a brilliant childcare/nanny service and she will come to your room. We used here everyother night. Worked well.

sailorsgal Fri 24-Jun-11 17:23:38

Ah yes the Bahia del Duque is sopposed to be very nice. A friend stayed there and said it was fab, but that was before kids.

I think the Lisa who runs the childcare comes on mumsnet.

Geordieminx Fri 24-Jun-11 17:30:01

We are just back from the Anthelia in Tenerife, had a fab time.

The spa is amazing, and if you are all inclusive then it's free.

There is a lovely beach about 5 mins walk away, and about half a dozen lovely restaurants, although tbh, the food was so nice in the hotel we didn't need to venture out much, 1 buffet style with a different theme every night, an Italian and a spanish.

Lisa2 is the MN'er who has the childcare business out there, think she has her own website?

Can't recommend it enough really!

Only other thing I would suggest would be a crisis. We did one last year, and tbh I don't think any holiday will ever come close. We had ds 3 with us, and he still talks about it now. It was totally 5 star service from the moment we boarded... Hand on heart, every single member of staff went out of their way to help and be friendly.

PrancingBuffalo Wed 29-Jun-11 19:14:42

Oops, have been offline for a few days, so thank you for the suggestions - I'll check them out, and good to hear that Lisa2 is recommended. Geordieminx - I hope you mean a cruise not a crisis - I definitely don't want one of those!! Were the spa treatments included on AI at the Anthelia? What did you think of the childcare and how old is your DS? Thanks again!

Geordieminx Wed 29-Jun-11 19:44:20

I think on AI you got access to the spa, and a discount on treatments.

Ds is 4, to be honest we didnt use the childcare as we had grandparents with us, but others spoke well of it, and the best thing was they had a lovely little pool about a foot deep that the kids played in most of the day, and was very safe.

Def cruise not crisis. Stupid iPad grin

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