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Like Lykia World but not so hot.

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mckenzie Sat 18-Jun-11 13:13:30

Does anyone know anywhere that would fit the bill please? We have loved Lykia World for the variety of activities and for having a kids club that you an dip in and out of but we don't like the heat in Turley. A Lykia World type place in Portugal or Spain would be fab. Is there one?

mckenzie Mon 20-Jun-11 11:25:53

b ump

missymissmiss Tue 21-Jun-11 10:33:52

Hi,Might be some options here

We're going to lykiaworld Antalya in august, can I ask when you went and how hot?

missymissmiss Tue 21-Jun-11 10:34:10


mckenzie Tue 21-Jun-11 15:18:09

hi missymissmiss. We've been in July and August and it is very hot. During the day it's okay as there is shade from the trees and you can jump in the pools (childrens paradise is FAB!!) but it was the evenings we found unbearable. At 7pm when we were going to eat, it was still hot enough to be sun bathing!! The lovely Marina restaurant only had a few tables in the shade so you could be trying to eat dinner in the blazing heat and you'd need another shower afterwards. My tips would be to take really cool sun dresses for you and any DDs, tie long hair up, loose linen or thin cotton shirts for any males and thin shorts and sandals. And take you own wasp repellent citronella candle or similar for your dining table, just in case the wasps are out.
Its a fab please though, we will definitely be going back again, just not height of summer.

missymissmiss Tue 21-Jun-11 16:25:28

Thanks mckenzie excellent tips, really appreciate them, i will definitely pack very light clothing for us all and bring wasp repellent citronella candle, that is going to be such a life saver as it brings back memories of wasps in Mauritius, beautiful there but the wasps just put a dampener on things!!... we're going last 2 weeks of August so am sure its pretty much the peak of the heat, I hope the air conditioning in the rooms are sufficient!

Anyway I hope you find somewhere suitable to holiday this year, there are definitely some Spain and Portugal options on the totstoo website.

thanks again

mckenzie Tue 21-Jun-11 18:14:13

hi again

that website has given me a few ideas - thanks missy.

At Lykia, your room key works all the eleIf your children are aold enough you should be abel to ask for a third key ctrics and also the air con. You should get at least two keys. We used to go back after the cleaner had been and abaout an hour before we were all planning to go back for showers etc and pu the key in the slot inside the apartment and leave the air con on for a bit to cool the place down before we all came back. Cheeky I know but needs must. If you leave the key there though when the maid comes she'll confiscate it smile. If your children is old enough you might try asking for a third key - it just makes the above mentioned trick even easier to arrange! Also, take water bottles with you from home which you can then fill up from the fountains to save paying for bottles of water (again you're not supposed to, they say you can only take a cup of water from the fountain but that's because they want you to buy their bottles obviously).
I'm sure you'll have a fab time. Children's paradise really is brilliant, the sushi restaurant was an extra cost but nice for a treat, the show that they put on once is week is really worth seeing (or it has been the years we were there anyway) and my DCs both loved all the childrens club activities.
I'm singing the Lykia World song now - I'll not be able to get it out of my head!

missymissmiss Tue 21-Jun-11 20:03:38

excellent tips thanks so much! our eldest is only 5 so doubt they'll give us an extra key but good idea on turning it on before we get back from the pool... so i take it bottled water not included? we drink a lot, is there not a shop in the resort? other holidays we would lug bottles to the room... but i did read on tripadvisor that the local shops very expensive!
anyway, you've got me all excited, cannot wait! smile

mckenzie Tue 21-Jun-11 21:24:55

local shop is hideously expensive - I had to buy tampax one year and it was something daft like nearly £10 for a box! Bottled water you do have to pay for (or at least you did last time we were there) hence we take water bottles.
Do make sure you go to the Marina restaurant - dont stay in the main one where breakfast is served. Also, if you fancy a trip out, Hisaranu is good for an afternoon or evening for buying fake football strips (if you have any nephews etc), T shirts, bags, sun glasses belts etc. You have to haggle but we always go just to get out of Lykia for a day and to buy tut smile.
I'm sure you'll have a fab time. The childrens paradise as I say is brilliant and if you are too far from it, a little bus runs continually round and round. I'm really jealous actually. We tried to go in October lat year but because of a sickness bug doing the rounds we were sent else where (the brand new Hilton so we didn't complain too much!). We're planning on going again this october.

missymissmiss Wed 22-Jun-11 09:34:47

thanks so much mckenzie super helpful especially as I seem to have hijacked your thread! smile will be sure to pack all bits and bobs.. seriously cannot wait and so pleased to hear that children's paradise is brilliant, my 2 will be so excited!

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