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Menorca or Majorca in september please help...

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MorningCoffee Sun 12-Jun-11 15:37:56

We have now decided to go abroad instead of holiday in uk in august. So we want to go middle of september, have looked at Menorca was looking at santo tomas and staying at mestral and llebeig apartments anyone been here?
or Royal son bou family club in son bou, anyone been here and what is the difference between son bou and santo tomas?

Will it be warm in middle of sept? we are just looking for a relaxing holiday but must have pool/beach/park and somewhere to eat, kids will be 9 and 5.

Any ideas welcome as can't decide there is just to much choice!

MorningCoffee Sun 12-Jun-11 16:49:53


diabolo Sun 12-Jun-11 18:01:53

Hello morningCoffee

Sant Tomas is quite small, very nice "promenade", quite a narrow beach, a few good restaurants and I think most entertainment is hotel based. Look at for more in depth information. I have only ever read good things about Mestral apartments.

Son Bou, I know well. The beach is the best feature of this resort, 4km of white sand, stunning. It is a much bigger resort (you can walk along the beach from one to the other, if you don't mind a few nudies along the way). It's very pretty, more to do for kids, bowling alley etc, more bars and restaurants. I drive past the Royal Son Bou often, and it looks great, but I don't know anyone who has ever stayed there. It is near the beach and resort centre.

The beach has more to do for kids too - banana boats, kayaks, pedalo's etc.

It should be hot, but occasionally you get a day of rain in September.

Son Bou would win for me, mostly because of the beach. There is also a small water park with 2 good slides at Club Sant Jaime in Son Bou.

herbietea Sun 12-Jun-11 18:13:00

Message withdrawn

MorningCoffee Sun 12-Jun-11 18:52:41

Thank you diabolo and herbietea lots of info there am going to keep looking, dp does not want to go to sant tomas he thinks it looks to small and a tad on the quiet side, i think i may agree now.

Still looking at son bou though, just want somewhere child friendly with some nice places to eat, the kids just love holidays for the beach, they enjoy the beach more than the pool area's to be honest.

Was also looking at Majorca will have a look at your suggestions herbietea Cala D'or does sound nice off to have a nose now...

Also been looking at Cyprus and Egypt but dp not keen on egypt with the kids, not sure how safe these places are for children?

Thank you for some advice it always helps, there are just so many places to pick from and as everyone we just want to get it right.

Waswondering Sun 19-Jun-11 20:32:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

skinnygenes Sun 19-Jun-11 22:51:19

We've just returned from our 2nd holiday to the Mestral and Llebeig, we absolutley love it there. We were a bit worried about it being a bit too quiet before we went last year, we always used to go to go to Puerto Pollensa in Majorca with has a lovely marina to walk around and countless restaurants, but we were pleasantly surprised. Yes it is really quiet but it's a total chill-out holiday, there are a handful of restaurants in the resort and Las Dunas (where the All-inc meals are taken) has entertainment on 6 days a week. The apartments are large and spacious although a little basic. They have a large well equipped kitchen, so we decided to eat in most nights. We hired a car for one of our weeks so we visited the Lidl outside Mahon and stocked up our fridge freezer for the 2nd week. The beach here is to die for and the apartments have a fantastic splash pool for littlies as well as 2 full sized pools. I thoroughly recommend these apartments smile

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