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Heated baby pool in Tenerife in sept?

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bodlondon Thu 09-Jun-11 18:39:10

I was originally thinking of Majorca/menorca but can't find anywhere where the baby pool is heated. My ds is 13 months and really feels the cold.
I'm looking ideally for self catering with a play area on site or close by and near to a beach but ultimately my main priority is a heated baby pool for my son so he can splash around.
Can anyone help?

gordonpym Sun 12-Jun-11 07:19:49

Hum, difficult question. In my experience - Hotel and Self Ca. - baby pools are never heated. Even at the very Anthelia hotel in tenerife, it is not. They usually heat the kid pool or one of the adult ones.
BUT, you do not need a heated baby pool in september. It is really hot, and the water gets warm in no-time.
Parque Santiago complex is nice

Lisa2 Fri 17-Jun-11 17:01:04

The only hotel i can think of that has what you are looking for is the sensatori (gran melia) and i live and work in tenerife and see many hotels but that is the only one that springs to mind but it is not self catering and a 5* plus resort so a pretty penny but not crazy expensive .... from what i hear.

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