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Mosquito repellent for infants

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Suzanadg Fri 03-Jun-11 11:42:47

Hi. We're going to Mallorca in July - our baby girl will be 2 months old. Do you know where I can get some mosquito/insect repellent for her? Everything I see in the shops seem to be for infants 6 months or older. Hope you can help. Thanks.

cheekeymonkey Fri 03-Jun-11 14:35:15

Have you asked in boots?
Sure I had it for my DD when she was a baby?

Make sure you take a mosquito net for pram ( available from boots), but also a mosquite net for over cot ( bought on-line) as its nightime they normally get bitten.

Suzanadg Fri 03-Jun-11 16:40:08

Thanks Cheekymonkey. Boots weren't much help, so maybe I need to find a different sales person next time. Thanks for the advice on the nets too.

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