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beach hotel in sardindia, recommendations please!

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pashminamum Tue 31-May-11 13:18:34

Looking for a beach holiday in sardinia with pool and preferably close to or on a sandy beach suitable for 2 year old. Want a hotel, not too posh with large rooms, clean bathrooms and good food. Happy to pay 3 or 4 star prices. Have spent hours online with no real answers. Please help.

munstersmum Tue 31-May-11 13:29:03

We stayed in the Hotel Tanca Manna in Cannigione & liked it. DS was 4 at the time. Although is an hotel with restaurant, rooms have some self-catering aspects which you may find useful. Can walk to beach easily but would need a car to explore further.

Our favourite beach was actually on the other side of the island but there were no hotels in walking distance! (We stayed 5 nights west coast & 4 nights east coast).

Portofino Wed 01-Jun-11 10:15:09

I have stayed in Cannigione too but I thought the beach was a bit disappointing. I would look in Baia Sardinia if I went again - lots of hotel and apartment options. The beach is lovely and there are a number of restuarants/shops. I do recommend having a car - at least some of the time - to visit the more out of the way beaches. Capriccioli my favourite of all time.

We stayed here for 2 weeks last time. We had a little apartment but it is possible to go HB/FB or just have breakfast.

Some piccies

rookiemater Fri 03-Jun-11 13:22:47

We stayed in Chia Village which has a lovely train/bus direct to the beach which was a fabulous beach, with deck chairs, umbrella and fluffy towels included.
Prices are not cheap, but it does include half board - food is good, and as your DC is 2 if you go outside school holidays they usually have deals. We went in September and the weather was pleasant. We booked through Just Sardinia, even if Chia Village is not your bag it may be worth phoning up and asking if you can speak to Huw the guy who runs it, he has loads of knowledge about Sardinia and may be able to recommend something for you.

bacon Fri 03-Jun-11 13:49:58

Read reviews on trip advisor too.

I love the look but prices were coming back very high as you say you want good food and lots of reviews were stating the opposite and the rooms were basic.

rookiemater Fri 03-Jun-11 13:57:11

Well we liked it and we generally go 4 and 5 star, but as I say there are probably lots of other options

tulpe Fri 03-Jun-11 18:37:35

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel not far from Chia. Go for an i Nidi suite - we didn't and regretted it as the other rooms were rather basic.

Food and wine selection was very good. There is a choice of 3 pools (including children's pool), staff, beach etc all lovely.

myron Mon 06-Jun-11 00:55:25

Have just returned from spending half term at Chia Laguna (2nd visit which speaks for itself). It's 4 star and very child friendly. Chia Beach is one of the best beaches in Sardinia/Europe and imo has only been surpassed by our pre DC longhaul holidays in the Maldives and Hawaii. Sardinia is expensive so any concept of 5 star facilitites for 3 star prices just doesn't exist. Take Tripadvisor reviews with a pinch of salt since some people seem to expect more for their money when in reality you are paying for the premier Sardinian coastal location - it's not Egypt/Turkey! Having said that, imo, Chia Laguna is pretty good value for money (for Sardinia). With a 2 yr old, go in June or September - it'll be significantly cheaper and you'll avoid the crowds. DIY i.e book your own budget flights/car hire and accommodation directly should save you money. Monitor hotel prices - they normally have decent offers if you book in the 1st quarter of the year. HTH

myron Mon 06-Jun-11 01:19:32

As a foodie (and we do treat ourselves to the occasional Michelin starred restaurant), we thought the food was pretty good and definitely better quality than most of the meals we had outside of the resort at lunchtime. They serve high quality fish/seafood and even if you don't like that, the self service buffets were fairly comprehensive. I'll say it again - you'll paying for the location - Sardinia is more expensive than say Tenerife.

pashminamum Tue 07-Jun-11 14:59:52

These have all been very very helpful, thank you. I was put off by trip advisor reviews but might think again about chia laguna. And will check out cannigione too.

notserp Wed 08-Jun-11 12:27:26

You could also try Le Dune in Sardinia (see link here)
It is 4 star and totally geared up for kids, including little ones, with an amazing beach.

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