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Honeymoon planning, no kids but I'll be 6 Months gone

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confusedforever Mon 30-May-11 15:42:02

Me and DH still have not gone on honeymoon, despite our wedding being over three years ago. We have nearly £1000 in Trailfinders vouchers to spend and want to make it as indulgent and as un-child friendly as possible(making the most of it!), as well as hopefully quite warm / hot.
Realise I can simply call Trailfinders and ask but thought I'd see if anyone can recommend anywhere they've been themselves, esp if under similar circumstances! I'll be six months gone by September, which is when we are thinking of going.
I am very well travelled, but not particularly in Europe. I am also getting cross eyed looking at hotels and various deals!
Thank you!

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