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Has anyone checked a car seat in on Aer Lingus? How much do they charge?

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Icoulddoitbetter Fri 27-May-11 20:27:12

We're trying to book flights to Ireland and are trying work out the best value once we've paid for flights, baggage and car hire at the other end.

At the moment Aer Lingus is looking good, and it means being able to avoid Ryanair grin. But, we can't find anything on the website about how much they charge to check in a car seat. The website only talks about taking car seats on board to use to sit your child in, whereas DS will be on our knee, not in his own seat.

We flew back in feb with Ryanair and it was cheaper to check in the seat than hire one with the car firm. But, as far as I can work out, it'd have to be included in the baggage allowance.

So confused!

Icoulddoitbetter Fri 27-May-11 21:04:43

Hopeful bump?

Icoulddoitbetter Fri 27-May-11 22:23:27

A final bump...

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