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Holiday in south uk with 15 month - where to go??

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salcol Mon 09-May-11 12:03:25

Hi, we have 2 weeks off at the beginning of July - where can my partner and I take our 15 month old boy? He loves water and will happily splash around, the sea, the pool, the bath, puddles, you name it, he's in there with a beaming smile.
We want somewhere that's NOT fully commercialized such as centre parcs/butlins etc, but instead somewhere that's a little more down to earth where we can chill under the stars with a bottle of wine after he's gone to bed. Camping is an option, although my partner hates it (!), maybe glamping's the way to go? Where ever it is, we want a separate room/space to put the little one in away from any evening parent noises so he gets a good night's sleep, but also the opportunity to do a bit of socializing in the evening if we fancy it - around the bbq with other parents, a local pub etc .
I know i'm asking alot here, but this is just on the off chance that someone out there might know of a blinding place that will answer our prayers!

hollyround Wed 11-May-11 18:24:51

Have a look at Sands Resort Hotel in Cornwall, it is very near the beach, has an indoor and outdoor pool, seperate area for the children to sleep in etc and proper baby listening (ie someone is constantly listening to the monitor and gets you straight away if there is more than a tiny squeak!). Great food and great staff. We have been three times and will go again this year.

soniaweir Mon 30-May-11 07:41:57

how about luxury family hotels - we stayed at moon fleet manor in dorset. it was lovely. small pool and big garden with lovely walks direct from hotel. they have baby listening service at night so you can enjoy some adult time and it's not very big at all. they also have a creche where you can leave your DS for up to 2 hours and its all included in the price - it's not cheap but worth it.

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