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Italian mamme - does anyone know Padua/Padova?

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lalalonglegs Fri 29-Apr-11 21:11:32

We are visiting Padua in Italy for a week in August - I think the city sounds quite interesting but I'm seriously panicking that there won't be enough for our three young children. Does anyone know the area? Are there any nice (preferably free) beaches within an hour's drive? Any water parks? Generally fun things for a 7, 5 and 3yo (they don't mind a bit of culture but can't keep them going for whole week with Giotto frescoes)? I definitely don't want to visit Venice while I'm there but where else might make a good day trip?

lalalonglegs Sat 30-Apr-11 15:28:39


CrisPD Tue 21-Jun-11 00:24:49


The closest beach is Sottomarina ... it is about an 1h 1h:30 min drive from Padova .... Unfortunately there is no waterparks near Padova ... there is one near Lido di Jesolo ... but that is past Venice and you also have Gardaland which is near Verona ... but none near Padova ... I just started today building a blog about Visiting Padova and in 1 - 2 weeks tops I'll have it ready with all the info one needs to have a nice vacation in Padova and its surroundings ... here is the link

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