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TENERIFE! will it be warm in Feb half term?

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donnie Tue 08-Feb-11 14:01:36

that's it really, anyone have personal experience of Tenerife in the Feb half term? we don't want roasting but we would like warm


donnie Tue 08-Feb-11 14:02:22

ps geordieminx we are going to the place you have linked to on a couple of previous threads!

Lizcat Tue 08-Feb-11 17:24:22

Mum and Dad currently on La Gomera (island right next door) and are reporting temperatures in early 20s. Mum is swimming every day in the outdoor pool and they are only waering jumpers at night.

donnie Tue 08-Feb-11 19:57:18

sounds ideal - thanks Lizcat.

Lisa2 Wed 09-Feb-11 19:17:33

I live in Tenerife and i have friends here on holiday this week and we were sunning ourselves on the beach yesterday. It got up to 25c but last night, i was really chilly as the temperature was 15c but the friends who are here on holls were not cold, although they did need a cardi and pullover for the evenings.

Where are you looking to stay?

geordieminx Wed 09-Feb-11 22:58:56

Oooh which one?

Feel like the second in command Tenerife expert (behind Lisa of course) grin

We have booked the anthelia for the end of may.. Can't wait.

Lisa2 Wed 09-Feb-11 23:35:09

Hahaha, expert, im honoured ;)

donnie Thu 10-Feb-11 16:35:52

ooh more replies! thanks for the info re temperatures Lisa2. We are staying at the Luabay Geordieminx; really looking fwd to it. Let me know what the Anthelia is like.

ilovehols Thu 10-Feb-11 16:46:45

It's lovely in Feb - warm days and cool nights. I've got a fab 3 bed villa for rent from Feb 18th for a week if you're interested.
Have a look at the website

just need to cover the maintenance costs - circa £350

geordieminx Thu 10-Feb-11 16:49:40

I can honestly say the lulabay washing nicest hotel we've stayed in, o would go back in a shot if it was a bit closer to stuff to keep ds (4) put of mischief!

bacon Thu 10-Feb-11 20:14:05

Love to go back to Anthelia! I would def go back there.

willself Mon 14-Feb-11 12:08:08

Tenerife is an Excellent Destination that time of year..

sillybillymummy Sat 19-Feb-11 21:25:30

Hello, I was just looking at Tenerife.

I have been to Majorca twice now at the start of may and its was cold and raining loads most of the time we were there.

Do you think the weather would be much better / hotter in Tenerife at the start of may?

Ruthiebabes Sun 20-Feb-11 10:51:42

Tenerife is just off the coast of North Africa, which makes it an all year round destination.

It is def a safer bet than Majorca in May.

Ginga66 Sun 20-Feb-11 22:34:01

Is ur villa free in march? Is there a cot and high chair?

Lisa2 Mon 21-Feb-11 00:54:08

Yes, it is beautiful here in May.
I have lived and worked in Tenerife as a childcarer now for 3 years and from March onwards is when you get the real good weather, priming for the summer.
Jan and feb can be a little cloudy with maybe some rain but guaranteed May will be lovely, it always is with temps of around 24/27c in the day and around 19/21c at night so really lovely.

If you need to know anything else just let me know and i will do my best to answer.

sleepychunky Wed 23-Feb-11 11:34:31

Hi there, sorry for the hijack. We are going to Tenerife at the beginning of April for our first ever holiday with the kids (3 and 1). We're staying at the Luabay Los Gigantes - is that the one you are referring to geordieminx? Would love to know first hand what to expect, and what advice you have for us very nervous parents!

someonesgotthenameichose Thu 24-Feb-11 11:05:16

Have you looked at the reviews on tripadvisor? It looks really really good!

mosschops30 Thu 24-Feb-11 11:09:43

We came back from Tenerife a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely and warm, 22-24 every day, was out by the pool in my bikini every day. It was windy in the evenings.
Have you booked yet, I can highly recommend our hotel, although only suitable if you have very young kids who don't need discos and stuff or teenagers. Food and service were perfect

geordieminx Sat 26-Feb-11 01:00:52

Just book marking as am off to bed, will post tomorrow

donnie Wed 02-Mar-11 12:10:24

hey folks! we have had such a fab hol in Tenerife at the Luabay. The weather was a lot hotter than we expected - I was hoping for early 70s but towards the end of the week it was up to 27 and 28 which is in the early 80s - tantastic! so I would recommend it for sun lovers. I just loved the fact that I was absorbing some much needed vitamin D into my tired, cold bones!

Sleepychunky; the luabay is a very nice hotel with great facilities. We found the pool areas excellent and the food good. Everything is clean and well maintained. We didn't really use the kids club . It's near a nice smallish beach , not loud or rowdy at all.

We are looking to go back to Tenerife next feb half term maybe. I have looked at the Iberostar Anthelia but it is very expensive - any tips or codes for discounts will be gratefully received!

geordieminx Wed 02-Mar-11 15:35:10

Ah pleased you enjoyed it. It's 2 years since we have been, so was worried incase I had recommended it and it was awful!

We have booked anthelia through hotels4u, which is part of thomas cook group - got AI for the 3 of us for about £1500, also went through quidco so about £100 back.

Booked flights through Lyin' Air which was about £400 which rose to £500 after taxes et al.

So £ 2k for a week, end of May AI which is steep but not too bad.

rookiemater Wed 02-Mar-11 21:18:30

Look at booking the Anthelia directly through the Iberostar website, just google it, they had a good discount which makes it much cheaper than booking through a tour operator ( sadly we had already booked through Sovereign)

donnie Thu 03-Mar-11 11:21:17

thanks for those tips rookie and geordie xx

Z00Z00 Wed 02-Dec-15 14:49:43

Hi, I read your comment and tried the link you sent regarding your 3 bed villa in Tenerife. I tried making a request via the website in the link but it didn't work. Could you please tell me if the villa is still available to rent? Also, if it's child friendly and how much it costs for a week please?

Thank you

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