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weather in greece/cyprus in march may

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rachelstephens Mon 10-Jan-11 16:59:55

we have had to cancel our holiday to egypt with first choice becuase we found out the resort is the subject of legal action because of various outbreaks of ecoli and other nasties!!

we are looking to rebook but are desperate to avoid going anywhere there is likely to be rain after our last holiday to majorca one september was spent sheltering from torrential rain most of the time!

we would love to go to greece or cyprus but have read that it can rain there in march and even into may.

is this true? how about the canary islands?

if anyone can give any advice i would be really grateful, we are gutted to have cancelled our original holiday and really want to get another one booked asap

thanks so much

Ruthiebabes Mon 10-Jan-11 17:08:03

We went to Cyprus in the middle of May a few years ago, weather was hot. High 20s the first week then in the 30s the second week.

Cyprus is pretty reliable weather wise in May, more so than Balearics.

cornonthecob Mon 10-Jan-11 18:34:55

sorry that is just crap! know what you mean about rain in spain, we went to palma one june, heatwave here and torrential rain there, forecasted to carry on so we came home early as was not fun!!

anyway, sorry digress, i went to adigar in morrocco many years ago in the march when single, was very hot! 4 hour flight...

have also done canaries march time and warm during the day, but can get windy and evenings nippy!

rachelstephens Wed 12-Jan-11 20:24:17

cheers, still trying to sort a holiday out but it takes so long when you need certain things but are working from a budget! would love to go to greece or cyprus but still worried about it raining! maybe we will just plump for butlins...

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