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EGYPT - just about to book to go to HURGHADA - anything we should know?

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MadreInglese Mon 10-Jan-11 12:05:53

We've found an all-inc holiday to a resort in Hurghada in Feb for me, DP and DD (13). It looks like just what we need, a bit of sunshine and the chance to get away for a week.

Has anyone been to the area and what did you think?

Also, we're considering doing a pyramid tour but it's about a 6 hour coach drive from Cairo and the coach leaves at 2am - has anyone done this trip or a similar one and is it worth the sleep loss? We feel we can't go all the way to Egypt and not see a pyramid but I'll be 24ish weeks pregnant and not sure whether a middle of the night set-off time is a good idea.

Any hints or tips on Hurghada, or any other recommended areas in Egypt would be appreciated, thanks!

KatyMac Mon 10-Jan-11 12:07:59

Are you going with Neilson? Which hotel?

We have been 3 times & loved it

We didn't do any culture we just relaxed and ate really well

MadreInglese Mon 10-Jan-11 12:16:08

It's with Thomas Cook, the hotel name sounded like Stella McCartney grin something like Stellar Makadi

KatyMac Mon 10-Jan-11 12:18:39

I don't know that one - we wnet to Abu Soma

Actually I am mixed up we went to Dahab 3 times only went to hurgarga the once but it was very nice - Dahab was cheaper

KatyMac Mon 10-Jan-11 12:22:49

TBH I am now so confused I don't know which is which I'll ask DH

bluesky Mon 10-Jan-11 19:42:32

hurghada is quite blowy in the mornings and then calms down in the afternoons

MyAngels Mon 10-Jan-11 21:09:34


We have been to El Gouna (next to Hurghada) twice and did the minibus to Cairo thing the first visit. We booked through the hotel (not the tour operator) and had a minibus, 2 drivers and a guide to ourselves, just me and DH. For about £35 for the day.
Its a very long trip - 6 hours each way - and the guides take you to all the tourist fleecing spots (perfume shop, papyrus shop - yes we bought some of both!) as well as the museum and pyramids and a souk.
We were there in the middle of the biggest sandstorm in 20 years and the pyramids were deserted (?!) but our photos look very atmospheric.
Got back to the hotel about 10.30pm after a 2am start - tired and dirty, but it was worth seeing the pyramids and King Tut's mask in the museum.

Love Egypt - just considering a week in Luxor for my 40th in April - with the DCs this time - aged 4 and 17 months - mad? Hmm I wonder...(We did take DD to El Gouna the second time when she was 13 months - was absolutely fabulous).

Have a great time.

MyAngels Mon 10-Jan-11 21:15:23

Just thinking about doing the Cairo trip when you are pregnant - you might want to stretch your legs a bit on the journey so I hope they'd stop now and then, but otherwise I'd go for it - once in a lifetime, and all that...

Have heard handling the money is the thing to watch for getting dodgy tummy - its so dirty. But in two trips we haven't had any trouble. Jinxed myself for Luxor now, haven't I?!

MadreInglese Wed 12-Jan-11 13:48:18

Thanks all, sounds positive!

I think we're going to see what the temps like and how I feel when we get there and then decide re the pyramid trip

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