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Can I manage to take 2 & 4yr old on my own abroad?

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sunshine17 Fri 07-Jan-11 20:04:01

We've never even been away for a weekend away - they've always sleep (or rather not slept!) in their own beds. I've got the urge to take them somewhere brighter in February (Lanzarote I think) - am I mad - will it be more stressful trying to do it on my own than is worth? Your experiences gratefully received.

gordonpym Sat 08-Jan-11 07:58:42

It is really easy. I have done it plenty of times, staying a couple of weeks alone with the boys before DH joined us. The only stressful part is the flight, when one is sleeping on your lap and the other one needs the loo.
It is actually easier than staying at home, as you have someone cooking and cleaning for you!!
Just be sure to have the right hotel, not too isolated-
Of all canaries islands, Tenerife is the warmest, but february may be risky - or not. I just came back from tenerife and we had an amazing weather, more than 30º, so you never know

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