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Cala Dor anyone?

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deaddei Fri 31-Dec-10 10:25:48

Trying to sort out a holiday for next year and have found a lovely villa through Villa Select.
Never been to Mallorca, but am concerned reading between the lines that the beaches are very smallaround Cala Dor and crowded in July.

haribofan Sat 08-Jan-11 20:42:23

I've never stayed in a villa in Cala D'or but have holidayed in there with 2 young children for the past two years. With beaches it depends what you like- they are all smallish coves instead of big expanses of sand. Some of them are incredibly gently shelving and great for LO's, especially Cala Mondrago. Have been there in June and late Aug- beaches weren't heaving compared to my experiences of big beaches on the Canaries etc.

Himalaya Tue 11-Jan-11 17:18:13

We stayed near Cala D'or. The beaches were nice, coves with some steep walking to get down. I thought they were nicer than the big wide beaches you get in some resorts. Like anywhere, you don't have to drive or walk too far to get some space.

We also spent afternoons plonked down by randomn beach front hotel pools, where they didn't seem to mind visitors as long as you buy a drink etc... (this was a few years ago though). I have a friend who says as long as you have good shoes and a good swimsuit you can walk in anywhere.

The resort/town itself was nice. Boat-y rather than beer-y, but not too snooty. I would go again

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