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Wanted - winter sun, with 2 preschoolers ? Canaries ? Any suggestions?

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NellieForbush Sat 11-Dec-10 22:33:38

So obviously somewhere child friendly, but also quiet (IYKWIM), walking distance to shop/cafe. Not All inclusive. I'd be really grateful for any ideas. smile

Lisa2 Sun 12-Dec-10 12:39:47

I live and work in Tenerife as a childcarer.

If you want some hotel ideas in a great location, close to the beach with loads of entertainment etc have a look at ...

- Hotel Isabel
- Anthelia Park (iberostar)
- Costa fanabe
- Guaryamina princess
- Bahia princess

If you want something spacific just let me know as i know quite a lot of the hotels from my work.

Tenerife is a great island for families and there is so much to do, plus you have the year round weather.

If you have any further questions about anything do not hesitate to ask.

When are you looking at going away?

NellieForbush Sun 12-Dec-10 21:36:56

Thanks Lisa, I'll google these. Was looking at Feb but researching it looks like this is the worst month so may rethink.


Lisa2 Mon 13-Dec-10 18:30:07

The weather is not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be.
On the whole, there are about 4 days of rain, if that spread over the month.

However, if you are staying in the North of the island you are likely to have more rain and it will feel much cooler in the south.

There were 2 days of rain last year in the south and the rest of the time it was lovely.

gordonpym Mon 13-Dec-10 20:50:17

Nellie, you're absolutely right. February is generally the worst month in the Canaries.
This year there has been a terrible storm the 2nd feb (just google tenerife tormenta febrero and you'll find pictures, you tube...). Beaches were full of mud, trees, stones, for 2 weeks ....Hotels isolated during days due to floods of the barrencos, and I am talking about South Tenerife. Tourists were trapped at the Sheraton in Costa Adeje...
You can be lucky and have a very nice week, or you can get rain and storm. This year, Feb 2010, def more than just 2 days of rain!!

Lisa2 Tue 14-Dec-10 00:50:00

It really depends on where you stay as some areas get hit with the rain and just 10 mins down the road and you have blue skies and sun, it can be very bizar.
I live in Las Chafiras, near the Tenerife south airport and if it is going to be miserable it is normally there, my luck haha.

This month, 2 weeks ago we had a terrible storm, quite a lot of damage donr from the winds but the North was much worse off with 6 people dead ... tragic!

All i remember of last feb was the 2 days of rain but as i said, 10mins down the road can be totally different.

It really does vary but i dont find the month of feb so bad and i have lived here for 3 years now.

April onwards is alovely time to b here as it is not too hot before the summer heat of july-sept.

NellieForbush Tue 14-Dec-10 20:57:12

Thanks ladies. I really don't want to risk spending our first holiday (for a long time) on a muddy beach so I think we'll push it into end of March and hope the weather is guaranteed then.

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