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Anyone else due to be flying in the next 25hrs?

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QOD Wed 01-Dec-10 11:43:30

Supposed to be flying to Lanzarote from Gatwick tomorrow

sb6699 Wed 01-Dec-10 23:59:55

My friend was due to fly from Gatwick to Glasow today - has been told Saturday is the earliest he will be on a plane.

Have you contacted your airline?

Lisa2 Thu 02-Dec-10 00:10:33

I have heard on sky news that Gatwick is opening at 10am in the morning.
Thatis the earliest time though so depending on what the weather does overnight, could be later.

I wish you all the best with your travels.

QOD Fri 03-Dec-10 15:26:48

Well I am about to spend night 3 in a hotel at Gatwick - hoping to leave tomorrow around 8am!!

Fingers crossed....

Lisa2 Fri 03-Dec-10 17:32:36

You poor thing.

Really hope you can make it and then have a lovely holiday.
Good luck.

QOD Sat 04-Dec-10 16:04:36

I'm home - got to the airport, flight cancelled..... got another flight from Luton, took 2 trains, a tube & a bus to Luton, checked the departures board - all ok - went for a wee - flight cancelled.

We have conceded defeat!

campocaro Sat 04-Dec-10 18:59:09

I'm now at Luton after a cancelled flight from Bristol this am. Crossing fingers that I get out to Spain tomorrow...

QOD Sat 04-Dec-10 23:19:59

good luck campo!

We're not planning on ever flying to Spain ever again! They can poke our euros up their bums!

QOD Sun 05-Dec-10 08:42:57

hoping you got to go Campo!

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