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Can anyone recommend an All inclusive Family holiday on a budget?

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ceppy Thu 18-Nov-10 16:03:50

Looking for an all inclusive (2 wks or 10 days) in June for family (3 kids - 12,11,8). Would like somewhere near a beach, basic but clean hotel with pool. Looking for a very good deal so don't expect food to be fab but as long as it's not going to poison us and is fresh. Can always eat in other restaurants some nights for a break. Has anyone been somewhere like this or any places NOT to touch. Some very good deals in Spain and the islands. Afraid to book in case they're terrible.

crunched Thu 18-Nov-10 21:08:35

I suggest you look at Hotel President in Alcanada,Majorca.We spent 2 weeks there in July 2010 and had the best time ever.DC are 15,12 and 9.Sports/shows on every day if you want,but no pressure to join in. There is a free shuttle bus to a large resort 5 mins away.Our hol cost £3000 all in(so 3 meals a day multiplied by 5, multiplied by 14.Great value!)with good flight times from B'rum.Food was fab.

I have never been to Majorca before and always been a bit snotty about all inclusive, but with older kids constantly wanting ice-creams and sodas this was a life-saver-and the sangria suited me fine.

Hoping to go again in 2011 finances allowing.

ceppy Fri 19-Nov-10 12:38:55

Hotel looks great. Did you have one room,2 interconnecting rooms or 2 separate rooms. Hard to get one room to sleep five pers and can't find any hotel that has inerconnecting room. All seem to cater for two adults and 2 kids.

Lisa2 Fri 19-Nov-10 18:38:22

Hi Ceppy.
If you have seen any places that you like the look of in Tenerife let me know as i look after children on the island and know quite a few of the hotels now.

A few hotels you can maybe have a look at are ...

-Bahia princess
- Guyarmina princess
- Costa adeje gran
- Jacaranda
- hotel Isabel
- Iberostar Anthelia

Now, i am not 100% sure that these are all inclusive but i think they are, definatley half board anyway.

Good luck and let me know if i can help further.


raisinbran Sun 21-Nov-10 08:49:46

FYI some times it can be worth contacting the hotel directly for specific room types.

If they only have a few interconnecting rooms they wont put them on allocation with travel companies. But will just stick double and twin rooms on when there will be tripple etc available.

Some websites will show rooms for 2A 1C but if you put in 1A and 2C it will show up exceeds max occupancy???

crunched Thu 25-Nov-10 13:14:08

We had two adjacent rooms - which I felt quite secure about.There were a fair few families - mostly Scandinavian - with 3/4/5 children scattered along our floor

ceppy Mon 29-Nov-10 22:18:24

thanks for all your help

Waswondering Mon 29-Nov-10 22:24:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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