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Easyjet Complaint

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BootyMum Wed 17-Nov-10 22:05:24

Was just wondering if anyone knows an email address for someone in authority at Easyjet?
I have a query around the easyjet flight I have booked for FIL prior to Christmas. However I have now sent this same query twice [first sent 2 weeks ago] and am still awaiting a reply. All I have is the generic customer services email address on the website but I just keep getting sent automated acknowledgements of my query but no answer. Very frustrating. Bloody easyjet, probably should have known better than to book with them...

Nefret Thu 18-Nov-10 10:52:38

I have always just gone through the website if I have had any queries and they normally get back fairly quickly but that has always been for general rather than specific enquiries relating to a booking.

There is a phone number, maybe it would be better to call them: 0871 244 2366

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