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Where for romantic & fun 10th anniversary weekend?

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Billster Mon 15-Nov-10 19:45:51

It's our 10th anniversary in June and we really need to spoil ourselves and fancy Europe (ideally Spain or Venice) or possibly Marrakesh. He would like lots of places nearby for food, I would like to be able to sip champagne in the sun by a pool (nice rooftop one would be great). Probably looking at around £200ish per night for 3nights.

Now I know there was a really long thread for CountessDracula about similar - where did you end up??? - sounds like I may be almost as picky as you with the saving grace that Spain is ok for us!

Please girls - help me out here.

Billster Mon 15-Nov-10 20:08:05

Also I should add I wld prefer "softer" decor rather than really edgy clean contemporary lines but nothing too chintzy - like Bloom & Settimo B&B in Venice (which is one potential option and wld be perfect with pool!).

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