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A gite in the Vendee - I need some recommendations please

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Tobermory Tue 09-Nov-10 19:38:18

Looking for a gite for next summer, pref Vendee or maybe Loire
We are a family if 5, DCs will be 13, 4 and 1.

On our wish list-
Close ish to the beach- half hour drive? (vendee obv)
Ideally 3 beds
Arrive at earliest sat 24 July


In an ideal world 2 weeks for under a grand - possible?!

Tobermory Wed 10-Nov-10 18:14:54

Someone....... anyone.....

frenchfancy Fri 12-Nov-10 17:39:18

For the Vendee in summer with a pool you should be looking at more like 1k per week.

I am sorry but you would be lucky to get a Eurocamp tent for under a grand for a fortnight.

HotchpotchHoney Fri 12-Nov-10 17:41:31

i just booked eurocamp tent for a fortnight those dates for £1600. Going in a tent as thats what the children want to do and a ferry to st malo instead of dover as don;t want the long drive.
so if you find a gite for that price i'd love to know. sorry to be such a misery.

jamaisjedors Fri 12-Nov-10 17:46:31

Look on gîtes de france.

Or clévacances.

Tobermory Fri 12-Nov-10 18:15:28

I came to much the same conclusion!
There were a few for £500 per week but no pool.

We are going to take the caravan instead, and have booked a bargain. Under £600 for 10 nights in the Vendee, at a Castels site, incl ferry.

dreamingofsun Sat 13-Nov-10 10:56:45

hope none of you are driving down on a sat morning in the school hols as traffic is awful. all the french going on their hols - very inconsiderate! took over 1 hour longer going down than coming back up.

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