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hum is it really worth going to spain in feb (weatherwise)?? Help !

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prettywhiteguitar Wed 03-Nov-10 20:31:32

As we don't have much money so would be a real treat to go, but some reviews I have read suggest the weather isn't so good, so is it really worth it ?

Was thinking Nerja because of the price and recommendations on threads below, but its still about £700, although that is for all of us....

Can't decide :O

Hersetta Fri 05-Nov-10 15:02:43

I have been to spain (murica area) for the last 4 years from 20-24 feb to visit my Mum. Without exception I have always managed to go to the beach (water too cold to swim though) and have always come back with a tan. Gets chilly at night though.

prettywhiteguitar Sat 06-Nov-10 13:46:27

thats really reasurring to know thanks !I did think its pretty close to africa so it must be warm !!

isw Wed 17-Nov-10 17:37:00

Feb in Nerja is ususally nice sunny days but chilly at night. Usually about a 10-15 degree drop so from low 20s in the day down to around 10 or so at night. Hope that helps

isw Wed 17-Nov-10 17:39:41

Here you go

Nerja Weather

PinkElephantsOnParade Tue 23-Nov-10 17:50:43

My parents live near Murcia.

The only time the weather is bad there is usually November when it rains a lot. Very little rain at other times.

Have been on the beach there at Christmas. I didn't go in the water but DCs did. Lovely and sunny during the day but a bit chilly at night - needed a cardigan.

According to mum weather is currently lovely.

Mum and Dad do not have coats at all in Spain - they left all their coats here for when they come back to England to visit.

arfasleep Tue 30-Nov-10 11:30:42

It would probably be nice, we've been to spain in low season and, as others have said, mostly nice. Only thing though if you, or DC's really enjoy swimming pool/swimming in sea part of holiday, then you might want to go somewhere hotter. Only say this as we had hols to algarve this year and although lovely to get some sun, it wasn't warm enough for swimming and DS a bit disappointed.

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