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Holidays in Bavaria?

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3littlebears Fri 22-Oct-10 11:56:28

Hello. Has anyone been on a summer family holiday to Bavaria? It seems to be a child-friendly area with lots to do (Playmobil Land, castles, lakes etc) but I have no idea about where to stay. Would prefer self catering cottage on a small complex, but absolutely no idea whether this kind of thing exists in Germany. Or do families all stay in hotels or on campsites? And my German is lousy, so internet searching is useless!! Has anyone any good suggestions please?

WynkenBlynkenandNod Sun 24-Oct-10 06:36:36

I haven't been to Bavaria but we go to other regions of Germany in the summer. There are quite a few farm holidays which are great for children and really reasonably priced compared to a similar thing in the UK. They range from a working farm with converted flat to one designed as a farm holiday with a number of flats, swimmng pool, tractor rides, playgrond, riding etc so it depends what you prefer. Have a look here for some. The german words you need to search from on google are 'bauernhof ferien, bauernhof urlaub, ferienhof'. Google translate does affair job of translating the sites.

tattycoram Sun 24-Oct-10 07:17:20

I had a look a couple of years ago and found some lovely looking farm stays in Bavaria just by googling. The really nice ones were booked up already and this was in January

battyralphie Sun 24-Oct-10 07:47:51

We booked once through, but it wasnt in a complex. If you go to Playmobil land near Nürnberg, then two great things to do are Nürnberg zoo which we thought was great, and in Herzogenaurach which is not far away, there are the factory outlets of both adidas and Puma, perfect for a rainy day, and for some shop until you drop action.

you could look at and whcih I think are both official sites.

Geistesabwesenheit Sun 24-Oct-10 15:52:27

We've been a few times. If you've not visited Bavaria before, it's a good idea to base yourself in Munich - most people there speak English - and do a few day trips.

Alternatively, you could go to Füssen, it's close to Neuschwanstein, (the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang castle). IME, Bavaria is extremely child-friendly, when DD was little, she was fussed over wherever we went

Sushiqueen Mon 25-Oct-10 15:30:00

Have a look at der tours as well. they do self catering family holidays. We stayed with them previously on a small complex and had a great time. There won't be many english staying there though.

turnipvontrapp Sun 21-Nov-10 23:00:33

Only just seen thread. We went to Bavaria last summer and our kids still say its the best holiday they have ever had, beats spain, portugal etc hands down. We stayed in Aschau near Chiemsee and there is just so much to do for kids its fab.

We rented an apartment for 10 nights and stayed in a hotel in Salzburg for 2 nights.

Get yourself over there, you'll love it! smile

annasophia Sat 15-Jan-11 13:32:01

Make sure you visit Schloss Neuschwanstein - it is really worth a visit. Also the lakes outside of Munich are lovely. We've not done self catering but most hotels, even the most basic ones, are very child friendly and sometimes offer family rooms with a little kitchenette.

Canella Sat 15-Jan-11 13:43:30

I live in Bavaria so I would obviously recommend it!!! Some friends stayed recently at a fab resort - its in theBavarian forest - google Ulrichshof - sorry i'm on my ipod and cant do links!!

Playmobil is great - there is a hotel on site - kids could easily spend a couple of days there - esp if its sunny!! But it does get busy!!

Munich and the areas south and around the chiemsee are also beautiful.

We quite often get self catering holidays by putting "ferienwohnung" into google. Most of the sites are in english too!!

And just for info the bavarian school hols are all of august and the first 2 weeks of September!

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