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Beach or lakeside all inclusive near Rome

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WorldsSlowestTypist Thu 21-Oct-10 21:49:23

We love to take beach hols which allow for day trips to fab cities. Recently these have included Barcelona and Venice. I would love to visit Rome. DH fancies an all inclusive deal but this is not cast in stone.
Any ideas? Children are 13 and 16

WorldsSlowestTypist Thu 21-Oct-10 21:57:42


WorldsSlowestTypist Thu 21-Oct-10 22:18:07


twinsgashead Wed 17-Nov-10 22:22:04

Not near Rome but did go to an all inclusive hotel in Lake Garda called Leonardo Da Vinci which was brilliant - just about close enough to do Venice and Milan... If you find the impossible near Rome please let me know as I love the same thing! You could also try Cavtat all inclusive 20 mins from Dubrovnik - have a look at Hotel Epidaurus

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