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Anyone been to Nice with small children?

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kwaker5 Thu 21-Oct-10 19:10:26

We are planning on visiting some relatives in Nice. Last time, DS was only 8 months old so it was fairly easy. However, the children will be 4.5 and 2 when we go this time and I know most places to stay are the typical city centre apartments (no outside space). We can't stay with the relatives (no room). Is there much to do in Nice with small children? I am really looking for playgrounds/parks, stuff like that. If anyone knows of a good place to stay, let me know.


Nettee Sat 23-Oct-10 11:54:13

We are just back from that area although not Nice itself. Beaches and parks aplenty. My friend who lives there said there was a nice park in Nice to take children to but I couldn't tell you where. The weather was lovely - we had a lovely time.

geordieminx Tue 26-Oct-10 20:04:25

We stayed in ville franche, travelled to nice one day - we had a lovely day, are going back next year.

ceppy Wed 17-Nov-10 00:16:35

Can anyone recommend a villa/chalet/apartment for family of 5 near Nice/Villa Franche?

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