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tequilathief Mon 04-Jan-10 20:43:34

Could anyone explain how I set the kidsleep sleep/ awake clock with the rabbit on. I have lost my instructions and cannot seem to work! Thanks

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singalongamumum Tue 05-Jan-10 08:43:20

You press the white button on the front to select the clock... the hour then flashes. Use the plus/ minus keys to set it. Press the white button to move onto the minutes and repeat. When you press the white button for the third time, you are changing the hour for the time you want the rabbit to wake up and same with the minutes.

The slider across the top is the following settings from left to right- off, all on (for use as night light only), rabbit light set to come on, rabbit light set to come on WITH BIRD SONG to act as an alarm.


tequilathief Tue 05-Jan-10 14:05:32

Thanks that is very useful!

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