Please talk to me about Apple watches

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UnusuallyUsual Tue 11-May-21 19:41:03

Thank you for your reply and link. I brought him the SE. He loves it and thinks I am the best Mum ever 👍

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ErrolTheDragon Wed 05-May-21 23:44:56

There's a review here you may find useful

DH and I both got a 6 for Xmas last year - aluminium, mine in the smaller size. I managed to smash the face of mine (dropped it onto the patio, not normal wear and tear). By then the SE had come out, so I replaced it with that. I can't tell the difference tbh. DH has an arrhythmia which means he finds the ecg function on his 6 useful - I didn't use it anyway. I had the 6 set so the display wasn't always on, I prefer it dark when I'm not looking at no loss there either.

The blood oxygen monitoring on the 6 is new, I think - DH said he'd read it wasn't that good and it'd be better to use a fingertip oximeter if you needed to check it.

UnusuallyUsual Wed 05-May-21 23:26:27

I don't have one and don't have an I phone but would love to buy my son one for his birthday soon.
I understand you can't buy series 5 now and the latest model is series 6.
I have been to currys earlier and my head is in a spin. There is a se version apparently, can any one help by comparing the 2
Thank you in Dance

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