Receipts - where do you keep them?

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Papergirl1968 Mon 04-May-20 20:13:59

I have a plastic wallet for each month and put my credit card and bank statements in there along with the receipts. I always check the receipts against the statement, tick them off and then staple the receipts to the statement.
It sounds a bit anal but I prefer paper statements and I’ve noticed several frauds which I’ve reported to the banks and police. Only one mistake by a shop and the amount was withdrawn twice, and then one of the payments immediately credited.
It sounds very organised but actually I’m months behind with it and it’s in a bit of a muddle.

Ninkanink Mon 04-May-20 12:22:16

I keep very few clothing receipts past the 3-6 months.

Most of my shopping is done online so there’s an order/invoice trail if needed.

If I did more shopping in person and needed to keep physical receipts, I would operate a rule of only handling an item once - don’t throw things into a basket to deal with it later - instead, just deal with it the first time you pick it up. You could use a folder with plastic pockets too - label each one for example, children’s clothing, DH clothing, My clothing. Shoes, Electrical, Household, etc. When you’re sorting your pile of receipts from your purse or whatever, bring your folder out and file each item right then. Then it’s done once and for all, and you never end up with years’ worth of admin to do.

Ninkanink Mon 04-May-20 12:17:25

I have a little box that all receipts that must be kept are stored in. I cull my purse and my DH’s pile every month or so and throw out all incidental receipts. Then the box itself is purged every 6 to 12 months.

baggies Mon 04-May-20 11:59:58

I've just completed the most humungous culling if our paperwork from the last 20 years. All done now. However I'm trying to think of the best way to store/file receipts. Obviously at the moment they're thin on the ground as not buying much. I've got a pile of them left from the past 12 months. I know I have to keep furniture/electrical etc ones but what do you do with clothes and small item receipts . My downfall is a big wicker basket that I chuck every conceivable piece of paperwork into, intending to file/bin it every week. Unfortunately that stretched to 2 years! Do you file receipts as you get them? Boring topic I know, but would like your tips. TIA

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