Which bottles and sterilisers would you recommend?

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TinaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Mar-19 14:38:52

We're making plans to update our bottle and steriliser reviews and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

Your suggestions will help us to create a shortlist of products to test over three months, as we try to find the best value bottles and sterilisers on the market.

Also if you have any tips for new parents on choosing the right bottle/steriliser combo then please do share them on this thread.



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HalfBloodPrincess Mon 18-Mar-19 11:03:08

For us it was NUK bottles with latex teats. Ds refuses everything we offered, but once we started using latex instead of silicone he switched like a dream.

mommybear1 Mon 18-Mar-19 11:12:59

Dr Browns every time - baby never had wind issues a friend of mine who fosters babies recommended them and we have never had an issue. We also used the Dr Browns steriliser.

MaverickSnoopy Mon 18-Mar-19 11:17:03

Our first two children had Avent bottles and they were great. For that reason we also had the Avent electric steriliser which fits 6 bottles in plus extra bits and because it's tall doesn't take up lots of counter space which was a plus in our small kitchen. We tried our third on the avent bottles but she had terrible wind and they just made it worse. So we tried Dr Browns (too many bits that you also have to handle after being sterilised) but they often exploded when making them and she just couldn't get a good latch. In the end we settled on MAM which have been amazing for her. They have eliminated her wind entirely and she has a much more comfortable feed. They also fit in the avent steriliser.

Honestly though, bottles are a very personal thing to babies and different bottles will suit different babies. So for that reason I don't think it's really possible to have a list of the best bottles because basis have different needs, hence the need for different types of bottles. I think you'd be better off having a list of bottles for different types of needs.

keepforgettingmyusername Mon 18-Mar-19 11:44:12

Mam were excellent for my colicky baby, I'll never use another brand again.

OutingOutlander Mon 18-Mar-19 11:50:34

Tommie Tippee here, using the express and go kit, anti colic bottles and the steriliser. Our baby is breastfed but I express feeds so my partner can give feeds and when out somewhere I can choose not to breastfeed but baby is still getting breastmilk. We love these bottles and the set and feel like they're great for going from boob to bottle and back again.

MrsWidgerysLodger Mon 18-Mar-19 12:11:03

Mam. It was the only bottle my bf baby would take! Plus being able to sterilise in the microwave without all kinds of other kit needed was a godsend, especially when travelling to see family etc.


Thesearmsofmine Mon 18-Mar-19 12:18:14

Tommee Tippee worked great for all three of my children.

We used a Milton Cold Water Steriliser, it was so easy.

jobbymcginty Mon 18-Mar-19 12:18:36

My son would onlyndrink from the latch bottles . We tried several but these seemed the best teats. I used the avent microwave steriliser quick and easy to use

SherlockSays Mon 18-Mar-19 12:18:45

MAM bottles for definite.

We started off with Tommee Tippee bottles & steriliser but DD had awful colic, this disappeared within 48 hours of her starting on the MAM Anti-Colic bottles.

They're self sterilising in a microwave too so no need for a bulky steriliser taking up the space on the worktop.

BlueMerchant Mon 18-Mar-19 12:29:49

Tomee Tippee Closer to Nature for both of mine. & the steriliser

happymummy12345 Mon 18-Mar-19 12:33:44

I only like cold water sterilising, I used the Milton one with Milton fluid (I hate the tablets as i find the don't dissolve properly).
For bottles I like the tommee tippee closer to nature ones, teat according to age of the baby.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Mon 18-Mar-19 12:39:49

Mam. I loved that I could steralise them in the microwave without any fuss.

BristolMum96 Mon 18-Mar-19 12:49:16

MAM all the way. Self sterilising but if need a sterile then any cold water box with milton tablets.

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 18-Mar-19 12:58:37

Medela Calma teats and bottles. Any kind of microwaveable sterilising bags worked for us, as well as Milton cold water sterilising.

Loubyloulou88 Mon 18-Mar-19 13:16:23

I'm a fan of NUK bottles too (and dummies). Used them with DS and have them for DD now too.

AutumnGlitterBall Mon 18-Mar-19 13:33:00

MAM bottles. Being able to sterilise them all in the microwave was so easy and saved space on the worktop.

Butterchunks Mon 18-Mar-19 13:48:49

Started with Medela bottles with the Calma teat when I was pumping as they were most compatible with the pump. when I stopped pumping I switched to MAM anti colic.

For cleaning and sterilization we used two small containers (smallest IKEA Salma), filled one with soapy water, the other with water Milton/Asda own brand sterilizing tablets - after a feed bottles were rinsed and went into the soapy water, any bottles already in there would get another quick rinse then move to the sterilization container where they would stay until needed. Both water baths would be emptied, rinsed, and replenished before bed every night. We found this easier than handling hot bottles straight out of the microwave, but did utilize that method for the mam bottles occasionally when away from home.

When I was still pumping I used the same containers and sterilization method for the pump equipment too so it was all in the same place and usually had some ready to be used.

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Mon 18-Mar-19 14:13:20

Mam bottles are the best. I think its the shape of the teat which helps them to latch onto the bottle without gulping in too much air. Also, some of them are self sterilizing so can be done quickly in the microwave.

The best sterilser for me has been the Miltons cold water steriliser. Definitley the easiest and most convenient as you can add and take things out when needed and it will all stay sterile.

melissasummerfield Mon 18-Mar-19 14:34:17

Tommee tippee anti colic up until 12 weeks or so then closer to nature.

Also used the tommee tippee steamer and was always happy with the results

Lolly34h Mon 18-Mar-19 14:39:46

I started with munchkin latch bottles for my dd and a Milton steriliser

PuzzlingPuzzle Mon 18-Mar-19 15:12:53

Another vote for Mam bottles. As said above you don’t need a separate steriliser if you have microwave.

circlemat Mon 18-Mar-19 15:22:51

MAM were best for us too, we originally had tommee tippie and the steriliser but didn't get on with either. Switched to mam and wouldn't use anything else now.

namechangexoxo Mon 18-Mar-19 16:05:03

Mam anti colic and Tommie tippee elecric steriliser

Thesnobbymiddleclassone Mon 18-Mar-19 16:30:02

Just had our second and this time, we've gone for the Hegen bottles. They're fab! They work as bottles, storage pots, food pots for weaning and water bottles for older children. Well worth the money.

We've got the 3 in 1 Milton steriliser. It's okay and gets the job done quickly.

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