nighties for little girls

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hana Fri 25-Nov-05 15:01:25

does anyone know any highstreet shops doing nightdresses for little girls? Its the only thing that dd has specifically asked for Christmas.....a nightdress that goes to the floor with buttons and a ribbon on top ( well those are her words, lol)
so, can anyone help me out? Boden do a lovely one but bit pricey for nightwear
thanks so much

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hana Fri 25-Nov-05 15:17:06

do little girls not wear nighies anymore?
i cannot possibly make her one......

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collision Fri 25-Nov-05 15:20:58

Just checked Verbaudet and they only do PJs for girls and Next have a 2pack of nighties in pink with monkeys on the front.

I bet somewhere like BHS would do them.


FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl Fri 25-Nov-05 15:20:58

M&S has some here

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl Fri 25-Nov-05 15:22:24

very cute one from john lewis

FrenchKissUnderMistletoeGirl Fri 25-Nov-05 15:23:11

Petit Bateau make some brilliant ones but hard to get hold of in the UK

binkie Fri 25-Nov-05 15:26:45

Nighties are difficult - fire regulations make it very tough to sell the kind of floaty twirly ones little girls dream of - which is maybe why you only find them in pricey places - ie that can charge for what the retardants cost.

So all the ones we've had (Bon Nuit eg) have come from sales.


tweetyfish Fri 25-Nov-05 15:28:21

maybe these form jojomamanbebe?

Weatherwax Fri 25-Nov-05 15:31:04

I'm sure I saw some in BHS and woolworths recently but you have the 100% polyester problem. (dd2 will only wear nightdresses and i'd prefer to get cotton now for her skin. Most of them are currently polyester). I brought some from the white company, pretty pricey even in the sale.

Good hunting

hatstand Fri 25-Nov-05 15:37:19

It's very difficult to get cotton ones as they need to be fire-treated - that's why they're expensive and why so few places do them. The Children's Warehouse do some nice ones - I think they're still pricey but not quite as bad as Boden. White Co do lovely ones - but probably Boden prices (or possibly worse!)

nailpolish Fri 25-Nov-05 15:38:10

i agree nighties are hard to find. matalan have a small selection, though

Enid Fri 25-Nov-05 15:38:34

boden ones are lovely though, thick cotton and wash really well. the white co ones don't wash as well

hatstand Fri 25-Nov-05 15:40:14

children's warehouse

hatstand Fri 25-Nov-05 15:42:37

actually white co are cheaper

titchy Fri 25-Nov-05 16:10:48

any of these any good - maybe buy a size or two larger than needed:

good ol' marks

hana Fri 25-Nov-05 17:34:13

thank yoiu so much everyone might havea ato do order on net after a trawl round shops tomorrow. cheers again!

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hana Sat 26-Nov-05 00:29:46

have ordered boden one with discout ( £10 off £30 - did two orders with 2 codes but v nice nighty thanks so much for your links

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