Couples Adult Websites?

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Annabellesdad Mon 14-Dec-20 11:54:08

Me and my Wife have been on the lookout for porn that is suitable for couples viewing, she doesn't like in your face, straight down to action videos, and i feel a bit uncomfortable watching that kind of stuff with her.
We are child free this weekend and would love to find a site that is maybe made by women, for couples or for women.
Does anyone know of any decent sites or DVD's (old school!) or downloads?

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MisterT373 Mon 14-Dec-20 12:25:54

Anna Span and Erika Lust are the two best known female porn directors. I seem to remember one of them had a website dedicated to women friendly porn.

BrimFullOfAsher Mon 14-Dec-20 14:54:57


nonflirtinghusband Mon 14-Dec-20 19:03:38

I like bellesa for women-friendly porn.

PinotPony Tue 15-Dec-20 07:12:56

Make Love Not Porn

AverageGuy Tue 15-Dec-20 08:51:17

Another vote for MLNP. It's not free, but the videos are more what you are looking for.

Annabellesdad Tue 15-Dec-20 09:55:25

Had a look at MLNP last night - will have a look at it properly at the weekend - blooming expensive though! Will check the others out aswell, thanks for the suggestions though

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GentlemanJay Thu 17-Dec-20 22:25:59

There is a site called Frolic Me. Very classy.

zarek Fri 18-Dec-20 16:20:04

It's really difficult to get anything good in my experience. You hope with a careful selection of a paid site there might be more ethical and quality content possible. Erika Lust seems to tick the ethical box. We tried XConfessions, a nice idea of making films from viewer confessions. The backdrops are excellent, some of the 'stars' are genuine couples too, but the themes and films are generally a bit bizarre. There was a couple of short films I liked. MLNP seems like a good idea too, but as you say it's a bit pricey with pay per film and we decided not to risk disappointment. Interested to hear what you thought.

So overall haven't found what we would like. Attractiveness couples having fun, making love with a bit of dialogue. Seems there's limited market or people don't want to make this.

BrimFullOfAsher Fri 18-Dec-20 16:33:34

MLNP do a monthly subscription though which works out way cheaper than pay per video. And you can cancel any time so don't have to keep it going

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